Future Stars: Did they “live up to the hype”? Bundesliga edition

FIFA19 5 - Future Stars: Did they "live up to the hype"? Bundesliga edition

Seeing as the last day of the season for German football is coming to and end, I'm writing this down having watched at least 2 or 3 matches per weekend.

Why I'm saying this? I might be biased towards some players or forget a little about others.

Date taken from internet and my own experience.

ONLY FROM BUNDESLIGA! To be fair with those who didnt participate in CL or EL

Lets start with those who where only available through SBC.

  • Alphonse Davies (LW/ 87 rated/ 4SM / 4WF) Canada/Bayern Munich

Estimated SBC Price: 215k (Futbin) Minutes played: 76. Always from the bench. Goals: 1 (against Mainz in a 6:0 victory) Positions played: Mostly on the wings.

Numbers speak by themselves here. He's young, and might have more time next season. Bayern is planning hell of a team tho, we'll see.

Didnt live up to the hype.

  • Joelinton (ST/ 86 rated/ 3SM / 4WF) Brazil / Hoffenheim

Estimated SBC Price: 53k (Futbin) Minutes played: 28 starting matches. Most of them completing the 90 minutes. Goals: 7 Assists: 7 Positions played: CF

He had a regular season, even more so on a really mediocre year for Hoffenheim (out of CL, not even getting to Europa League). The matches I saw him playing (Against Dortmund, Leverkusen, Bayern) he was a solid player.

Key on the 3:0 comeback against Dortmund, didnt score but he was always involved on those 3 goals.

Can't decide here, did he live to the hype? For me, seeing that he's only 22 and had a 14 goal contribution on a really though league, he did pretty well.

Now with cards you can purchase today from the market! 2 of them are locked for TOTS too.

  • Achraf Hakimi (RB/ 86 rated/ 3SM / 2WF) Morroco/ Dortmund

Price: 100k (Futbin) Minutes played: Completed 19 matches. Injured since early April. Goals: 2 Assists: 4 Positions played: RB/LB

Amazing season for Hakimi, key on the CL grup stage for BVB. He was performing pretty well until some mistakes (against Tot away game for example). Unfortunately, for him and the club, he has a fracture and left a huge gap to fill, with Dortmund using CB or RM/RW players as fullbacks)

He lived up to the hype!

  • Dayot Upamecano (CB/ 88 rated/ 2SM / 3WF) France / Leipzig
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Price: 290k (Futbin) Minutes played: Completed 13 matches. Injured since early February Goals: 0 Assists: 0 Positions played: CB

Out of all the matches played, his team lost in 4 occasions, conceding 10 goals. Helped kept a clean sheet in 5 matches.

Cant really speak much about him, cause I don't usually watch Leipzig, but shame he has been out for so long (Knee injury). Maybe we'll see him for CL group stage!

Did he live up to the hype? Numbers don't mean much sometimes, but he seems to have faired pretty well when he played.

  • Jadon Sancho (RW/ 90 rated/ 5SM / 3WF) England / Dortmund

Price: 540k (Futbin) Minutes played: Completed 34 matches. On 26 of those as a starter. Goals: 11 Assists: 17 Positions played: RW/LW

What. a. player.

After a rough first year at BVB (team sucked in general tho). He slowly settled in the team this year, at first playing a few minutes, but then as a key player in Fabre's lineup.

I might be wrong here, but the number of assists he had this year has to be one for the records for such a young player.

Quick, agile, he can dribble past 3 or 4 players without losing the ball.

He fucking did live up to the hype.

  • Luka Jovic (ST/ 88 rated/ 3SM / 5 WF) Serbia / Frankfurt

Price: 160k (Futbin) Minutes played: Completed 32 matches. On 25 of those as a starter. First 2 games of the season on the bench. Goals: 17 Assists: 6 Positions played: CF/CAM

Why does Real Madrid want him? There's a reason, right?

This young serbian had an amazing goal contribution for his team. Sadly for Frankfurt, today's match and the last couple of matches left them out of all int. competitions for next year. Made a killer trio with Haller and Rebic. And his EL performances almost took them to the final against Arsenal, loosing on pens to Chelsea.

Clinical, always on the right place. The type of forward you always want on your team.

He obviously lived up to the hype!

  • Kai Havertz (CAM/ 90 rated/ 4SM / 5 WF) Germany / Leverkusen

290k (Futbin) Minutes played: Completed 34 matches. On 33 of those as a starter. Goals: 17 Assists: 4 Positions played: CAM/CM/RW

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My favorite youngster in quite sometime. A mixture of Kroos and Ballack. A joy to watch him play.

I'm no Leverkusen supporter, but this little fella (and Brandt) made me watch them a lot this year. He was a key part of Leverkusen return to CL (they clenched the 4th spot today). Smooth on the ball, he can pass, dribble and score.

His attacking positioning makes him play everywhere near the box, he can start from a wing, create space and get the ball back, or start at the center of the pitch and make runs to end up as a 9 inside the box.

Sad part? His short age, same as Julian and other Lev players didn't help them on the home game against Krasnodar, so they left early on the EL competition.

He lived up to the hype and hope he keeps improving.

Well, its long I know, but hope folks enjoy this and maybe someone can make one similar thread for Serie A, PL and La Liga?

Good luck on your pulls, WL and your weekend 🙂

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