Getting banned after packing ICON

FIFA19 9 - Getting banned after packing ICON


Ive seen few posts about getting banned for coin distribution. Heres my story (not so good english):

I packed 88 Seedorf from Koke SBC and sold him few days later for 1.4mil. Few hours after sale i got email that said im banned from transfer market for sending coins(?). It was very frustrating for me at first because i have spend close to 400 euros this year only on packs and i was getting a pretty nice team. So i thought it was a big mistake and i sent an email for EA to review. 5 days later i got most generic answer ever.

We got your note and did a full investigation of your account. After reviewing your case, we determined that we took the correct action in accordance with EA policies and procedures.

What this means

We have confirmed that your account was involved in FUT Coin distribution. Coin distribution is against our rules. Because of this, we will not remove the restrictions on your FIFA Account.

You break our rules ( if you:
• Engage in coin distribution
• Buy Coins
• Sell Coins

After this i talked with a guy on online chat. Chat dude told me not to worry and that he will help me to get response from terms and service team quicker. So i wrote another email where i asked to see some facts that i sold or bought coins or did whatever they accused me of. To this email i got another pretty generic answer few days later:

After thoroughly investigating your account and concern, we again found that we actioned your account correctly after it was found to have violated our User Agreement. We will also be unable to provide any details regarding our internal procedures.

This was the point i realized that they only want my money. I can only improve my team through FIFA point packs because i cant buy a single player to help me complete SBCs or teams. So they have seen a pattern that i buy fifa points and they dont ban my whole account, only transfer market.

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Most frustrating thing is you have to defend yourself against a bot even if its called Terms of Service team or Investigation Team. For questions like what did i do to get banned you will get answers like: You buy and sell coins, we dont know which one either and we cant tell you anything else. Probably because we dont know either.

Its a hard thing to get over, mostly because money is involved and ive spent alot of time this year. But i guess it taught me that big companies dont care at all and voices like mine are never going to be heard. Will i open other account and start over? No and wont reccomend this game to anyone else in the future.


  1. Packed an ICON and sold it.
  2. Got transfer market banned few hours after.
  3. EA sent a generic email and said i send coins.
  4. After disputing it EA sent another generic email that said i buy/sell or engage in coin distribution.
  5. After two 'full investigations' i got no answer to questions like what i did to get banned. Probably from a bot.
  6. (EA) Profit????


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