God exists 90 Gullit review

FIFA19 7 - God exists 90 Gullit review

With his price dropping this man is entering the realms of affordability, so I’d thought I’d buy him and try him for 10 games in div1 and fut champs in all outfield positions to see just how well rounded he is.

Spoilers was an atheist but now believe in Gullit.

Fullback: chem style anchor, 9.5/10

Can play either side due to his 5 star weak foot, defends back post headers brilliantly wins every 50/50 , he is positioned well defensively and dribbles and crosses really well. Only fs mendy and Toty Marcelo I think we’re better in this position . 10 games 2 goals 5 assists

Cb: Chem style anchor 9.3/10

A weird hybrid of Toty van dijk and Ramos has the physical presence of Van Dijk with the aggressive positioning and agility of Ramos. Not quite as good as the above two due to not elite tier defensive stats so can’t tackle and. Intercept quite as well but his physical abilities put him at the same tier as fb luiz. 10 games 3 goals 1 assist

Cdm Chem style anchor 9.9/10

As good as vieira the lack of defensive stats and work rate is made up for with his agility meaning he can cover more ground laterally to win things and is just as dominant, his long shot gives him another advabtage, definite contender for best in position although his work rates mean vieira shades it. 10 games 5 goals 10 assists

Cm chem style engine 10/10

The best there is just so dominant in attack and defence does everything to an elite level better than Toty debruyne pogos balls keep you name it they all lack something gullit has. He got a goal contribution a game here. 10 games 6 goals 4 assists.


Winger: chem style engine 9.5/10

this year he fits the meta here, he is just quick and agile enough to get past all fullbacks, but has his strength to help when it’s even, plus is brilliant at the back post headers, his crossing and shooting are both deadly, Very similar to playing cr7 wide but better than bale or rashford or aubameyang as a physical winger. I still prefer mbappe here.

10 games 9 goals 9 assists

Cam Chem style hawk 10/10

Best in game, no defender or Dom can stop his deep runs, passing as good as Toty modric, wins the ball high up the pitch better than anyone, as good as decried striker as Eusebio, no one is like him here and only Tory de Bruyne was close. He can go either side like cruyff with his weak foot and is unstoppable. The first player that made my whole team feel better as a unit in attack and defence, he literally dominates games. 10 games 12 goals 16 assists

St chem style hawk 9.8/10

Cr7 but less clunky, same op heading and positioning but smoother on the ball and 5 star weakfoot, was again only really matched by prime r9 or toty cr7

10 games 17 goals 10 assists

In summary this the best player I have ever used and is worth the money, was a top 10 player in every outfield position, and the best in cm and cam. I recommend using him as a central cam.

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