Guide to get the most out of Squad Battles, or get T100.

FIFA19 3 - Guide to get the most out of Squad Battles, or get T100.

Hello, you may recognize me as the guy who has made threads regarding getting better at Weekend League.

I decided to make one regarding Squad Battles, as I was a constant T100 player last year, and on my first attempt this year I got #22. I easily could have gotten Top 10 but I lost 2 games (I was being an idiot and forced it into ET trying to get an extra goal).

Here are my tips:

  1. Play on Legendary if you want any chance of getting a competitive score. If you aren't going for that, still play on Legendary. You will not only get better at the game, but will achieve higher ranks for less games played. Trust me, it is noticeably easier then World Class.

  2. The rating and chemistry of the team you are facing is effectively irrelevant. I have had extremely tough games against silver squads and beat god squads 11-0. The moment the game actual starts you will see whether or not EA makes that team play out of their skin.

  3. This game mode is, and I cannot stress this enough, utter bullshit. The AI will score, there is nothing you can do when it happens. Literally nothing. They can and will score 200mph screamers regardless of that player's abilities. They will also score top of the box top corner headers.

  4. You are playing for 5 goals first, a clean sheet second, and the rest if you achieve 5 goals. Seriously. Getting 5 goals gets you a guaranteed 2500-ish points per game (assuming you don't get a red).

  5. Point landmarks you should keep in your mind. 5-0 (~2700+), 5-1(~2500), 4-0 (~2500), 4-1 (~2300), 3-0 (~2300). A clean sheet is basically an extra goal.

  6. Do not get red cards, if the AI is going to score, they will. It is simply not worth getting a red for something that will happen anyway. They won't score every game, but when they do, trust me it is nonsensical.

  7. Through balls and Timed Normal B shots seem to be the best way to score against the AI. Hang around in midfield, call one of your runners, and just Y pass it to them right when they are about to pass the last man.

  8. Your players will under perform, at the most random times. I have had games where I had 37 shots on target, and only scored 3 because the 62 rated GK became a 6'7 Prime Moments Yashin. But most of the time you can achieve an easy 5 goals.

  9. Make Subs. Seriously. Attacking Subs can get you a clutch goal or 2 if you bring them on around the 70".

  10. Aim to score ATLEAST 2 goals in the first half. No less. The game can get turned on it's head, and you may struggle for the other 3. The more goals you can score early on the easier it is to manage the game.

  11. Constant Pressure is your friend when you need a goal. When you already concede it does not matter anymore, just don't let them win. So if the score ends 5-4, it doesn't matter you still get the same points as if it was a 5-1.

  12. If you have achieved 5 goals, or get a very early corner, farm it. You do this by calling your second man, pass the ball to them and run down the line. The defender will come and poke it out of bounds. Rinse and repeat for your 10 corners.

  13. Getting 10 Shots on Target usually comes naturally, but if you wind up with 5 goals before hitting that, just rip shots from outside of the box that are easy to save. Most of the time the keeper will parry it out for a corner.

  14. Pay attention to the time. Your always playing against the clock, and you can't slow your tempo until you get those 5 goals. Unlike WL you need to keep scoring. To me, getting less then 4 goals and a shutout was a failure. If I got 5, conceding was whatever.

  15. This game mode is designed to piss you off. There is more shithousery in this mode then in WL or Rivals. The AI will time waste, they will score at the last second to break your clean sheet, they will foul you in the box, they will block your penalties. You cannot let the game get to you. If they score, they score. Move on, focus on getting 5 goals. You do not have to be perfect to get T100.

I managed to get Elite 1 in WL, got to Div 1 in Rivals well before the changes, and now got T100 in SB on my first try. My goal now is to help people get the most out of the game while I slowly back off of it, as the game, for lack of better words, pisses me the fuck off for no reason. Because it is garbage. But we still play it, so I want to give you tips to maximize whatever enjoyment you can squeeze out of this dreadful piece of software.

Ask for more tips, suggestions, or just leave comments. I always answer a large majority of comments in my threads because I know I can't cover everything.

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