Guys, do the Gervinho weekly challenge!

FIFA19 2 - Guys, do the Gervinho weekly challenge!

This is the review you never knew you needed. Don’t let the 3 star combo put you off, this guy is an absolute animal. I’ll write an 8 game review of him down below. (I used him mostly at st, but also at lam with sniper chemistry style). Keep in mind that this is just my opinion on him.

Pace: 10/10 Quickest player I’ve used yet! (I cannot vouch for toty mbappe) Gervinho glides past defenders with ease, no need for skills. 99 agility translates perfectly in game.

Shot: 9.5/10 Always in the right position as shown by 94 att pos. He makes the perfect runs with no hesitation. Finishing (so far) has laser guided accuracy with the power of a 50 cal. Only con is his long shots (77), but his sheer pace combined with his att positioning and dribbling makes up for it (again, imo). Hit a few absolute missile volleys as well. Great for the “flick up and volley sort of meta”. Gervinho’s 3 star wf felt like a 4 star, he banged in shots with both feet with no problem.

Passing 8.5/10 The reason this is an 8.5 and not higher is for the following reasons: 3* wf means crosses on his left can be hit or miss and 79 long pass means long range through balls won’t be as great. The lad put in many top notch crosses and I even scored off of a few. 87 vision with 86 short passing is perfect for starting quick counterattacks. Do yourself a favor and don’t take free kicks with him as he has 50 fk accuracy. (not a deal breaker whatsoever).


Dribbling: 10/10 oh my…where do I start? He feels as fluid and agile as Neymar (minus the 5* skills). 99 agility feels like a cheat code. His 84 reactions makes him feel ultra sharp and crisp. Never really lost possession with him, the ball sticks to his feet like it was glued to him. Composure is low at 76, but can be boosted up to an 81. Really amazing dribbler though, in my top 20 list of most “fun” players to use.

Defense: Who cares? He has high/low work rates, won’t be on defense hardly at all. 75 heading accuracy is average, but not bad.

Physical: 9/10 The 99 stamina stat doesn’t lie, this guy could make it through 6 haves of extra time. Being 5’10” means 80 jumping is quite good. He has out jumped a few defenders for me. 71 strength is acceptable (especially considering his 96 pace and better than average height).

Overall: 9.5/10 If you can see past his composure and wf/skill combo than he is a quality player. Lightning quick, 99 stam, top notch dribbling and 94 positioning makes this guy a major threat on the attack. A must do for sure!

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