Helpful tips on how to get the most out of your Weekend League.

FIFA19 2 - Helpful tips on how to get the most out of your Weekend League.

Hello again, you may remember me from a a thread 2 months ago in which I gave some tips after I reached Elite 2 for the first time after being a Gold 1 player for ages. I'm back again with more tips, and general insight.

Average Rank: Elite 2 (Fell apart on a near perfect run for Elite 1 this week)

Team (IG Setup): (4-5-1 pre game for full chemistry)

Team from first Elite finish (for comparison):


I can only speak for what works for me based off of how I play. As you can tell from my team, I attack, a lot. Which is why I am not an Elite 1+ player yet lmao.

Defensive Style: Balanced

Width: 4

Depth: 7

Offensive Style: Fast Build Up

Width: 4

Players In Box: 7

Corners: 5

Free Kicks: 5

Defence Explanation:

I play almost entirely manual defending, and because of that I need depth so I have some safety net should I completely miss a tackle or pull myself way out of position. Having a distance that is small between my player controlled defender and my AI backline means if I make a mistake, I can switch to a local defender and the gap is small enough where they can't take advantage of space for passes or finesses.

Offense Explanation:

Since I play a narrow formation, I like to keep everyone somewhat close when I am moving forward. I go as fast and controlled as I can from back to front, I don't play the long over the top balls, but I do look for the quick runs Mbappe and Son can make. I have midfielders capable of making surgical ground through balls, so I like to make sure they are in narrow-ish positions to take advantage of those runs whenever they arise.


I take risks, I play to score. If I adopt a style of sitting back and absorbing pressure I will lose. My best defense is constant offense. If you like to play fast paced, non-possession focused football, then my tactics might be up your alley.

(Values are from 1 to 10, except FK and Corners which are 1 to 5)*


ST: Stay Central, Get in Behind, Normal Interceptions, Stay Forward

CAM: Stay Forward, Balanced Crossing Runs, Stick to Position, Normal Interceptions

LCM: Balanced Attack, Balanced Crossing Runs, Normal Interceptions, Stick to Position, Cover Center

RCM: Get Forward, Balanced Crossing Runs, Normal Interceptions, Stick to Position, Cover Center

CDM: Cut Passing Lanes, Stay Back While Attacking, Normal Interceptions, Cover Center

Fullbacks: Stay Back While Attacking, Normal Interceptions, Overlap

Centrebacks: Stay Back While Attacking, Normal Interceptions


I need my ST's to be in familiar positions, so I have both the same. I prefer central passes over out wide, as I leave that region for my outside CM's and Fullbacks.

My LCM (Pogba) is my midfield general, therefore I need him to stay mainly central, only moving far back or forward if I trigger it or take control. He is my connector between transitions, and plays a lot with my CDM (Lerma) when it comes to transitioning.

My RCM (Eriksen) is my roaming more attacking focused CM. Eriksen always has late runs for me and finds himself in great areas both wide and central so it was crucial I give instructions that let him roam on the right side. Since he also has 5* WF, having him in finesse eligible forward areas makes him very deadly, because of his late runs and good positioning. If my CAM (KDB) can't get a shot off, I can pass it laterally to Eriksen and he will slot it home.

I like my Fullbacks to be more defensive, unless triggered to run forward (which I do very often). Having control on when they do and do not make runs is crucial for keeping control in my defense. I only trigger them to alleviate pressure when passing out of the back, or when releasing them for a clear crossing opportunity.

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I do not change tactics/formation whether I am winning or losing. Always the same

General Tips

Tip 1: Press both bumpers when you score, both you and your opponent are probably suffering while playing WL, help make the suffering end quicker.

Tip 2: Trying to get someone to rage quit doesn't work nearly as well as it used to because of the fact win or lose you get 400 rivals points.

Tip 3: If you are losing, DO NOT QUIT. I cannot tell you how many 0-3 down games I have flipped on it's head by just digging in and focusing. This year it is very, very, very possible that you can come back. Often times you will.


Tip 4: Players with good passing stats are your best friend. Having reliable midfielders who can pass is critical. Controlling the middle and mitigating wasted possession is key especially against solid players. Losing the ball in transition makes you the most vulnerable you can be because your players have a gap between when you lose the ball and when they react to it. A good player can get it and be in on goal before most of your players realize.

Tip 5: Controversial, but do not be afraid to take control of your defenders. If I see someone isn't using their defenders, I just take a finesse and unless they move their keeper (correctly) I'll score. It is pretty easy to play 1-2's around AI defenses, if you have the patience.

Tip 6: Add variety to your passing. Most players are predictable, and you can cut off their lanes easily. Especially when all they do is play over the top balls to the corners, or only 1-2's, or only long through balls from full backs. Play short, then play it long. Play it long and then walk backwards. Play a ground through ball, and the next time play a lobbed through ball down the middle. The more I have to think about the potential a player has in his arsenal, the more I leave myself open.

Tip 6: Do not, and I repeat, DO NOT play a short thrown pass by your keeper. Keepers are absolute dog shit at distributing the ball with their hands, and often times throw the ball way lower then you would have thought resulting in the opponents player jumping up and just heading it to someone in on goal. This happens a lot.

Tip 7: Switch the field. Seriously, if you see your getting a lot of pressure on your side do a driven cross to your opposite full back/player. A lot of times you will have someone free for a subsequent pass down the line and your in a good crossing position (or if you fancy sweating it in the box).

Tip 8: If you are running at goal, if your shooting far-post finesse it, near post do a normal shot. Timed shots, even better. At certain distances and angles you can do either or, but for the most part that is what I stick to and it works pretty well.

Tip 9: If you see someone moves their keeper twice, start shooting near post when in a typical far post finesse position. For example, if I am at the top of the box, on Pogba's right foot I will more then likely score a goal shooting near post because he is going to move his keeper far post expecting a finesse leaving it wide open.

Tip 10: Be smart with moving your keeper. Only move him when you know for a fact where your opponent is going to shoot. If you can combo it by playing your CB and forcing him to a side and moving your keeper with it you can make it extremely hard for them to score. Takes skill and timing though.

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Tip 11: Drag backs are your friend in and around the penalty box. You will either find space, or draw a penalty.

Tip 12: When you launch a cross in, hold both bumpers after powering up your header for a driven downward header. More reliable way to score from crosses.

Tip 13: Don't sleep on crosses. Be it on the sides of the box, or even inside. I score a handful of goals by lobbing it far post when near post for a free header.

Tip 14: When you take a FK (not lay it off) shoot far post (where the keeper starts). With a driven shot, and good accuracy, you can rocket them in.

Tip 15: Familiarize yourself with heel to heel flicks and La Croquetas. Meta skill moves that can get you space for shots, or away from pressure.

Tip 16: Actually make subs around the 65th minute. So many people forget to do this. Fast attacker against tired defender usually means goal.

Tip 17: "Abuse" the bumper to call attacking runs. Another thing, much to my surprise, that people don't know about. You ever wonder why your opponent has so many players making runs? That's why.

Tip 18: Seriously, don't give up on games you are losing. You never know.

Tip 19: When your opponent is constantly making long over the top through balls, anticipate it with your fullbacks and start running ahead of their player before it's made. You will either intercept it, or they won't make the pass.

Tip 20: If you see your opponent holding onto the ball with one of their players, they are most likely looking at the radar to time a through ball. If you notice they do this habitually, close them down for a free turn over. Just pay attention, I do it a lot myself.

That's all I can think of for now, hopefully you all find it helpful.

Above all, if you feel that WL adds a lot of stress to days that should be focused on relaxing, I highly recommend playing to Gold 3 or Silver 1, or not playing at all. Digital rewards are not worth real life stress and anxiety. I know this gets said a lot, but some people really need to hear it more then once.

Also, ask any questions your heart desires. If you would like to know some player stats/reviews just ask in the comments.

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