Honest ICON Prime Rivaldo Review

FIFA19 9 - Honest ICON Prime Rivaldo Review

I never had plans to get Rivaldo in my team; 2* WF players have never been enticing as my playstyle has always relied on good or decent footed players. Prior to Rivaldo I had done Prime Vieri which I thought was amazing and ended up with 57 goals in 49 games. Vieri was basically the perfect target man so it was hard for me to let him go, but Rivaldo was just calling to me with the surprising low SBC requirements.

Pace: Rivaldo feels rapid, no problems with pace at all. He is able to outpace most defenders and can keep up his sprint speed in fast breaks. He is fast enough to be reliable with connecting on through balls and honestly this is the first time since FIFA 15 where I have abused through balls to get goals – 9/10

Shooting: Definitely his best stat. This card scores the craziest finesse shots ever; with how overpowered finesse shots are this year, Rivaldo brings out the inner c*nt in me and I find myself constantly exploiting his amazing curved shots. Finishing is no problem; in the pace category I mentioned how I've been using through balls with this card and that is because of his composure and finishing during 1on1 situations. Most surprising yet, his 2*WF, which does not feel like it at all. I have scored at least 3 finesse shots with his weak foot and it can definitely be reliable inside the box. His weak foot reminds of Flashback Sturridge who also has a decent weak foot despite his stat. His attack positioning has made him extremely easy to find and once you connect to him it is an easy shot to goal. In 10 games Rivaldo has scored 16 goals – 10/10

Passing: At LW his crosses were deadly and my FUTMAS Balotelli benefited a lot from his pin point crosses; however I use him at ST which really shows me how good his passing is. In 10 games he has assisted 7 times, 3 as a LW and 4 as a ST/CAM. His passing definitely makes him a very versatile player with in a variety of roles. Playing him at CAM was a surefire way to get easy through balls and crossing positions – 9/10

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Dribbling: The only way I could describe his dribbling is like a mixture of Mbappe and Bale; really good close ball control but very top heavy. Although he has very good agility he can sometimes suffer from the 'tall player' dribbling, similar to Gareth Bale. What I mean by this is the occasional heavy touch but honestly it is probably just because of my own mammoth fingers. His 77 Balance and height make it hard for him to be toppled, and his 4* SM absolutely obliterate defenders. You can best feel his dribbling stats when playing him at CAM as you feel how easy and smooth it is to dribble in front of defenders and not be stripped. Easily his 2nd best stat behind shooting – 9/10

Defending: N/A

Physical: I do not miss Vieri one bit; Rivaldo is just as capable of bullying defenders as the strongest ICONs. Although his stats don't suggest it, he was able to push of defenders like Van Dijk and Benatia (just memorable ones I can name of the top of my head). This physicality makes Rivaldo quite an aerial threat. He is able to score from corners and jump over defenders quite easily, an ability that I can only describe as similar to IF Leroy Sane. Being 6'1, you can easily abuse his height in ways similar to 'heading' beasts in the game. Of course like many players he can be subject to losing the occasional contact, which can be attributed to his 62 Aggression, but this card has surprised me in that I don't feel like I've lost the 'target man' prowess of ICON Vieri – 8/10

TL;DR – Prime Rivaldo is definitely one of the most fun cards I have played in FIFA. His mixture of pace, shot, and dribbling make him a difficult player to defend and his 'hidden' physicality surprises anyone. He definitely feels miles ahead to Prime Vieri (ICON I submitted to his SBC) and is similar in ways of target man strikers. Going to be keeping this card for the rest of FIFA, as I feel that it is definitely endgame.

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