Honest IF Bakayoko Review

FIFA19 8 - Honest IF Bakayoko Review

So I packed this man on my WL rewards and needed him for chemistry purposes. I’m running him with a Shadow to boost his pace in this team in a 4231 (ofc): Courtois Alaba Boateng Varane FB Juanfran Red Bakayoko Matuidi CL Sane Mbappe Griezmann TIF Werner (UT).

Let’s start with his info:

  • INFO: Hes French with 189 cm/6’2” so he’s easy to link with another meta players as Mbappé, Griezmann, Kante, Pogba etc. He’s big and hes black, with 189cm he’ll win a lot of headers in the midfield as his jumping is not that bad for a high player (78). With M/M workrates and with instructions stay back while attacking and cover center he doesn’t push forward a lot, it’s not ideal as he’s not a M/H but he’s pretty loyal to its functions. For your information he has the same height, pace, workrates as Fabinho.

Pace 7.5/10: With Shadow 83 is enough for a CDM. Not that fast but not that slow.

Shooting 3/10: I have never tried a normal shot with him, just normal timed finesses. He doesn’t have high curve stats (53) and he has 3*WF. Don’t. Shoot.

Dribbling 6/10: He’s not good in the ball as he feels like a truck. But his reactions and composure are OK (>70). He wont dribble so don’t matter. Bakayoko is here to defend and to supply your front.

Passing 7.5/10: His short passing is pretty good and accurate. As I play safe he’s pretty average. He does the job.

Defending 9.5/10: With Shadow he’s in the 90s for sliding, standing tackle and interceptions. Marking is 84. He’s a beast and he wins a hell lot of balls in the midfield as his legs are big, he’s big and his stats are amazing. He’s defending better than Naingollan for me.

Physical 9/10: He has a lot of agression and stamina, so he just bullies your opponent midfield for the entire game. With 82 strenght as well it’s hard to challange this type of player.

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Overall 8/10. As a CDM 9/10.

Value for coins 10/10. WL ready IMO.

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