Honest Player Reviews – FUTMAS Matuidi

FIFA19 10 - Honest Player Reviews - FUTMAS Matuidi

Hey r/FIFA, thanks for the reception on the last review I had. Really enjoyed writing it so I figured that maybe I could start posting some player reviews throughout the year because I am intrinsically linked to this game, and by that I mean that I am unable to passionately play any other video-game and FIFA just naturally consumes my free time (especially during times when it's a distraction). Anyways, here's my review of FUTMAS Matuidi.

The quality of players that FIFA has given FUTMAS cards this has often been debated in terms of SBC price (Akanji, Callejon, Rashford), but I can safely say that this FUTMAS Matuidi is not on that plane at all. Costing me exactly 90k+untradables, this card is no doubt an investment worth it's value compared to all other midfielders that play his role.

Pace: If you are looking for a CM/CDM that can rapidly move box-to-box and not worry about destroying the central flow, then this card is a perfect addition to your squad. I will admit that when I first had him I got a little too excited about using his pace and often forced him to run for sketchy loose balls and quickly intercept, but if he was not able to actually snatch those balls and intercept those passes then I would not have let him take those in the first place. He feels rapid because of his slender build and height and he is able to outpace the majority of midfielders. In attacking options he is reliable enough to even outpace and go against some fullbacks to cross. Matuidi has the perfect pace for a box-to-box midfielder, enough to fulfill his role and more – 8/10

Shooting: At its face his shooting stats do not look impressive, but Matuidi surprised me with his capability in the offensive end. In my first 10 games he was able to score 2 goals which is not impressive at all, but for a player of Matuidi's mold in my midfield of FUTSWAP Lerma and UEL Milink-Sav, his ability to score has given me confidence that he is not a complete recluse in the midfield. His positioning allowed him to slot 2 long shots past the goalkeeper from the CDM position which is rare for me; in comparison, UEL Parolo has only been able to score 7 goals in 120 games even with better shooting stats. This makes Matuidi the perfect secret weapon, able to shoot and finish quite better than his stats suggest – 7/10

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Dribbling: Matuidi's dribbling is such an integral part to my team dynamic that loosing him would mean more losses. What I mean by this is that Matuidi is such a smooth and reliable dribbler that I often give the ball to him in tough situations to control the pressure or initiate a play. His dribbling feels similar to Nainggolan, but he is much more slender so he feels just a little more agile than him. Overall a solid stat, feels better than what the card suggests – 9/10

Defending: Matuidi has had the most consistent defensive performance in the first 10 games than any other CM/CDM I have tried in FIFA 19. Matuidi's 88 interception feel like 99 with the offensive plays he stops regularly every game. Great positioning to always be there for the tackle, last line of defence, loose balls and interceptions; great marking, stand tackling, and slide tackling to stop all attacking scenarios displayed in front of him. Seriously awesome, so far the best defensive midfielder I have tried this year – 10/10

Physical: Matuidi is an absolute monster in physicality. Unreal stamina that could last the full 90 mins without a doubt; stamina alone indicates how much of a beast he is in the midfield. His 77 strength is made up for by his 88 aggression which makes him able to easily push away attackers and midfielders despite his in-game body. Matuidi's 86 jumping makes him able to win quite a bit of headers in the midfield even though he is on the shorter side. You really have to try him to feel his unique physicality, close to ICON level in the stats of an 87 rated card – 10/10

TL;DR: Matuidi has a unique ability to dominate the midfield that only a few players in the game possess (Kante, Makelele, Nainggolan). Unreal defensive capabilities, ideal physicality, smooth dribbling and pace that allows him to be anywhere on the field that you need him to be. Matuidi can be successful offensively and will deliver when the opportunity is given to him. An amazing box-to-box midfielder that I will keep in my club for a very long time.

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