Honestly, what’s the deal with Mexican flag teams???

FIFA19 2 - Honestly, what’s the deal with Mexican flag teams???

They are the reason why I barely play Rivals anymore. 70% of my matches, no matter which Division (even tried to relegate myself from D2 to D3, ended up facing even more of them, can’t imagine D4 being better) are against Mexican flag teams.

Usually accompanied by a Barca/Real Madrid kit, they are a very rare, special breed of FUT players I have discovered ever since moving to Denver, USA. Here are some of their most common traits:

  • Plays 4-3-3 (4) or 4-3-2-1.
  • Always somehow has Neymar accompanied by an off-chem Alex Telles and a bunch of average Brazilian/EPL players (Fred, Leroy Sane, Gabriel Jesus, Davinson, POTM Lucas, and so on).
  • All-match long skill moves spamming, usually initiated by a rainbow flick/berba spin at kick-off.
  • Plays either a Drop Back defence, or Constant Pressure (with all their players instructed to make aggressive interceptions) from first minute.
  • Their only offensive plan is waiting for their AIs to make an interception then launching highly accurate, powerful through balls down the wings.
  • Once they’re inside your box, they’d either make the SWEATIEST cut-backs or force a near post shot from a shitty angle that not even Courtois can deal with.
  • Will shush/dab on you no matter the score.
  • Will watch every single replays and cut-scenes.
  • Will start time-wasting at 1-0.
  • Always somehow has a Loan Ronaldo off the bench, heaven knows how all of these cards aren’t expired yet.
  • Will message you in Spanish (always insults or talking shit) after the match no matter who the winner is.

These traits, combined by the fact that ALL of these matches are delayed by like 2 seconds with stutter-lag, makes them an absolute bane of my existence. I could beat teams with Icons and the likes with ease, but whenever I see that Mexican flag/Liga MX kit I just know that I’m in for a ride of my life. What’s weird is that I never face them in WL ever, but I can’t seem to escape them anywhere else. Even in FUT Draft, I’d constantly get matched up against the PLANTILLA DRAFT’s (I fu*k off the lobby so fast when I see this). At this rate I might need to invest in one of those gaming routers to block their IPs lmao.

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