How EA will make you buy Fifa 20!

FIFA19 3 - How EA will make you buy Fifa 20!

It's no secret that each year EA fix some issues but in the process it creates even more issues.

I asked my friend who works as a CMO at a huge corporate company and he told me why EA are so successful each year. It was a little bit confusing at first to wrap my head around but I will do my best to explain it here how it was explained to me.

Boomerang Strategy

Imagine you throw a boomerang as far as you can, then you watch the boomerang swing in a circle right back to you for you to catch.

The throw – This is what EA do, they market a game and people buy it.

The circle – EA watch as the game goes through another cycle of "This game is much better than —–> this game has bugs ——-> this game needs a patch to fix it".

The catch – EA events are a great way for them to show you how much the game has improved so you consider buying the next one, so you know all of those complaints everyone has made throughout this years game cycle? EA have gather all that data and then went about answering those problems (answer not fix). So, if a lot of us complain about the servers being an issue, EA will counter that by marketing server improvements for Fifa 20.

Now, a lot of complaints this year has been around gameplay, so expect EA to market Fifa 20 with "Huge gameplay improvements" / "The best Fifa game yet" etc.

Game Changers



EA know you won't just take their word for it and so that's why they introduced game-changers. Game-changers aren't game-changers, the title was given to them as a clever marketing tactic to make the community feel as if they are able to reach EA with their concerns but people forget that by the time the game-changers play the game – it has already been built and is at the end of it's development life cycle.

EA will not change the gameplay or any part of a game that they have spent the last year or so working on because a youtuber said that he doesn't like the shooting animation, think about it, the whole "give us your feedback" is an illusion to make you feel like you are shaping the game.

Your feedback will be collected, gathered and analysed by a team who work with other departments like marketing to counter every reason that might make you not want to buy Fifa 20.

You'll see people on this sub saying they aren't buying it each year but then they always do and that's because there's going to be a 'PULL' for everyone who is interested.

It's not just the hype that makes people buy Fifa, there are people that will say they will never buy another Fifa because maybe they hate the timed shooting and feel like it's ruined the game – so when they see EA have removed timed finesse and replaced it with an all new system you can bet that they'll buy it because it counters their argument for not buying it.

Whatever argument you have for not buying Fifa 20, you'll find there's a counter to that in EA's marketing and it all starts from that first teaser event.

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