How I beat FUT: My 2 year journey from a complete noob to a 39.5 million coin squad

FIFA19 1 - How I beat FUT: My 2 year journey from a complete noob to a 39.5 million coin squad

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Well I'm prepared for dealing with a lot of hate, accusations and skepticism with this post, but I'm hoping a lot of you will enjoy and appreciate this. I'll do it in bullet format so hopefully it's easier to read, but I apologize for this long encyclopedia lol.


  • My fraternal twin brother and I have always been pretty football mad.
  • Funnily enough, I support Chelsea and he supports Man United. Yea, it makes for interesting "conversations" lol
  • We're Croatian, so it's in our DNA. We remember players our dad used to tell us about as kids.
  • The first football game we really remember going crazy over was International Superstar Soccer 64 LOL
  • FIFA 2002 was the first FIFA that we really played like crazy. (You guys think 180 no scope first time timed finesse shots are bad? Anyone else do those glitched finesse goals from the middle of the pitch? lmao)
  • My brother played some of the FIFA games around a decade ago
  • FYI, we still to this day have never spent a dime on FIFA other than the purchase of the game itself.
  • We didn't discover Ultimate Team until early 2017 though when we started seeing Instagram posts and videos of walkouts. That's where this all started…..


  • We started in February 2017. We both agreed that it looked really fun.
  • I'm not a competitive person because I'm a sore loser with a temper. So the idea was that he would play matches and I would manage the team. I would try my best to somehow make us coins with SBCs or playing the AI or whatever I could do to help.
  • I thought SBCs were so stupid at first. "Wait, you want me to buy a squad for like 7K and submit them so they're lost forever?!?! Our current squad is worth like 10K!!!"
  • But I was wrong. SBCs helped me realize which players were in high demand.
  • I started doing some half assed mass bidding of players like Azpilicueta, but it wasn't going too well.
  • Then it all started with Napoli. I'll never forget those players. Napoli was in the Marquee Matchups that week. I mass bid and flipped them relentlessly. I'll never forget Marko Rog and Diawara.
  • I STILL get nostalgic and emotional when I think about how I was bidding on and selling Napoli players while I listened to Anyway by Huntar.
  • I realized how quickly I was making coins. Our squad was worth about 10K and I just make like 3-4K in half an hour!!! It was amazing.
  • We wanted a ST upgrade badly. I remember texting my brother about how excited I was that we could buy a striker later that night for like 15K! We were deciding between NIF Vardy and NIF Diego Costa. We went with Vardy due to pace.
  • I was completely HOOKED.
  • I was then thinking big. If I can make 10-15K a day, we can buy Aubameyang in like a week and a half!
  • And we did. Then I was thinking even bigger.
  • We packed a discard In Form from an SBC pack. Whoa! It goes for like 10-11K. This is awesome! But what…? It quick sells for like 9,000 something coins? That's crazy. Wait a minute, I have an idea!
  • I used to buy 75 rated gold rares for 600 coins whenever I could. Since they quick sell for 600 coins, there was literally no risk at all.
  • That's when I realized I could do the same thing at a much larger scale with discard In Forms. And the rest is history!
  • We eventually got TOTS Hazard, TOTS David Luiz, TOTS Alex Sandro, TOTS Lukaku, MOTM Ibrahimovic, OTW Mane, etc.
  • I was making 100s of thousands of coins a week. It was great.
  • We eventually stopped playing because the game just died.
  • I couldn't wait for FIFA 18 so I could go even bigger and this time right from the start…..


  • We were so excited to play Ultimate Team from the get go.
  • And this time, PS4 HAD ICONS. HOLY SHIT.
  • AND a new mode. Squad Battles! I had a new fun mode to play against the AI on to help us get more packs.
  • So I started doing the same thing I did in FIFA 17.
  • This time I was smarter and was making coins even more quickly. I was RELENTLESS every hour relisting on the companion app.
  • I was now making around 70-100K a day.
  • We were improving our team with nice upgrades every few days.
  • Then we finally decided to just save up coins and not buy anyone for a whole month. We had our hearts set on Pele. That's it. We wanted our first Icon to be the best player of all time.
  • It was tough being that patient but it was WELL worth it. Pele was amazing. Just the way he moved… wow. So fluid. So smooth.
  • We had our sights on other Icons now, so we kept saving up for players like Vieira, Desailly etc.
  • We also used the loan Cristiano Ronaldo card and realized how RIDICULOUS he is too. Guess what we did then? We saved up for another 3, 4 weeks to buy him too.
  • All this time, I was playing Squad Battle matches and getting very good at winning pretty easily on Legendary.
  • I started thinking I was good enough to play against actual humans now lol. Bring it on. I can do this. If I can beat the cheesy AI on Legendary, then I can beat some people here and there too.
  • I started trying Daily Knockouts to hopefully qualify for the Weekend League, the promised land lol.
  • It was pretty tough and frustrating to win 4 matches in a row. I finally did it and I was so excited. THE WEEKEND LEAGUE. 40 MATCHES TO SEE HOW GOOD I REALLY AM. And we had our stacked squad to help me out because I still was only an average player.
  • I remember. I lost my first match 3-4 AET after being up 2-0 early. What a great introduction, right? lol
  • Everything I heard about the Weekend League was true. I smashed some dudes and scored 5, 6 goals while I really struggled against others.
  • The Weekend League will push you to a .500 record, more or less. All I wanted was 18 wins to qualify automatically for the next week. Anything else was a bonus.
  • Well I hit 18-18! I stopped there. I was happy. No more stress for that week hahaha.
  • I was looking forward to next weekend to improve.
  • This whole time we were hoarding packs like crazy for TOTY. We never experienced TOTY since we started in February 2017.
  • Well next weekend came along and everything changed…
  • I started well enough but I had a terrible 2-8 stretch in there. I went 17-23. I fell short by one match.
  • Honestly, that killed me. I had to go through the Daily Knockout hell again?!?!
  • My interest in the game basically disappeared instantly. And my brother was losing interest too. He was going from division 4 to 2 and back and getting frustrated.
  • We had Pele, Christiano Ronaldo, Vieira, Desailly, Neymar, Bale and Pogba. We had well over 2 million coins we were saving for Middle Gullit. But it was over. The feeling of fun was basically gone.
  • But wait… We still had 120+ packs to open for TOTY. We might as well open them.
  • We started opening them. We were only gonna open a few since my brother was about to nap after working his usual early shift.
  • We were only gonna open a couple of more, and then, it happened.
  • The blue light. WOW A TOTY PLAYER. The Portuguese flag….. ARE YOU SERIOUSLY KIDDING ME.
  • Yes. We actually packed TOTY Christiano Ronaldo.
  • We were excited, but not that excited. We both knew we lost interest. It was such a weird feeling.
  • We never played a match with him. We never played another match at all.
  • Others would kill for our squad even without that card! But we didn't care.
  • It was a weird, empty feeling. Oh well… until next year…..


  • I was looking forward to doing it all over again and hopefully not randomly losing interest.
  • But the new path to qualifying for the Weekend League changed everything for the better. You didn't have to win 4 matches in a row. You just had to accumulate 2,000 points. Great!
  • And you only had to play 30 matches now. Even better!
  • AND you only had to win 11 to auto qualify for next week. Awesome!
  • I knew we'd be in it for the long haul.
  • So I started grinding toward Icons and other top notch players.
  • I got even smarter this time. I had a lot of experience now.
  • I was making 200-225K a day. I'm not talking transfer profit according to EA's bogus calculation. I'm talking actual profit after accounting for tax.
  • We didn't have to wait a month for each player. Now it was only a week and a half.
  • I've had stretches where I made 1 million in 2 days and 2 million in 5 days. My 1 day record is 602K.
  • It kinda got to be ridiculous. Any player we wanted, we could have. I just had to constantly grind on the app every hour. It was addicting.
  • Pele, then Cristiano Ronaldo, then Maldini, Matthaus, Vieira, Gullit, etc.
  • We were slowly but surely playing better too. This year, we worked together in the Weekend League.
  • We finally hit Gold 1 for the first time last weekend with 1 match to spare.
  • And this weekend we topped that with 20 wins with 2 matches remaining. We actually weren't too far off Elite 3! We both went 10-4! #twins
  • Now I feel weird because there's nothing to grind towards at all lol 🙁
  • (Wow. EA tweeted about the Prime Icon Moments as I was finishing up this post lmao. Guess I'm not done!)

TLDR – Found out about FUT 2 years ago – Learned how to trade on the market – Progressively got better at it – I now literally have the best team in the world – Never bought coins or FIFA points – Transfer profit over 60 million – Transfer profit rank in the top 75 – 197 team is literally tied for the best in the world on PS4

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