How i got from from Gold3 to Gold1

FIFA19 10 - How i got from from Gold3 to Gold1

First of all i'm not a Fifa expert in any way (or this guide would be called "How to get from Elite to Top 100") but i still wanted to compile some tips that helped me getting to choose from 4 instead of 3 s**t red IFs. Most of these things focus on how not to smash your controller, but also some gameplay stuff.

Stop raging

  • Turn off your sound. The german commentators are annoying as f**k and i can't imagine that the other ones are any better. Either play in complete silence or listen to some nondistracting music.

  • Only play if you really wan't to. There is no point in playing a game you hate and you won't really improve forcing yourself to play.

  • Roughly plan on when you play your games. Playing strictly 10 games Fri,Sat,Sun isn't really necessary, but avoid having to play 15+ in a day. Playing too many games on friday isn't good in my experience, because all the Elite players start with a low Elo aswell. For me 8 on Friday, 12 on saturday and 10 on sunday works best. Also try to play after 10 pm UK if you are in europe, the gamplay should be much better then.

  • Go into the weekend with the goal to hit Gold3. Let's be honest G3 gives good rewards for the time invested, but the main reason is that having reached a big goal during the weekendleague feels great. In general if you are for example 5:1 think "Five wins on the day, only two more today and then the same tomorrow for Gold1" instead of "well still 24 games left to play".

  • After a loss try not to get too angry, use individual fitnesscards and chill for a few moments instead of applying a squadfitness and immediately going back into a game. If you lose two in a row always do something else, watch a YT video, eat, do push ups but never be angry while going into a game. All it takes then is to get dabbed on from Marcus Rashford to loose all motivation for WL.

  • Stop blaming EA, Fifa, etc. for being a pleb. Is the gamplay bad in some situations? Yes. Do the servers su*k? Yes Is it bs that Militao plays like a 93 rated icon? Yes But these things just give you excuses why you don't reach your goals and we all have to deal with them.


  • Always make sure your players have atleast 7 chem (100 team) and ~95 fitness.

  • You don't need to build ultra boring meta teams (Dembele, Semedo, Sissoko, etc.) but make sure they have enough pace and are good players in general.

  • 5* weakfoot players are great, especially strikers, because you can stop thinking about what foot to use in front of goal.

  • A lot of people hate timewasting, but this isn't about being a good guy, i personally don't think about it before the 75th minute, because i will just get nervous, bottle it and get dabbed on by Marcus Rashford. After 80 minute just pass it around the back or run into a corner.

  • Use a formation and custom tactics that suit you. That sounds way easier than it is so i will just explain how i play and you can try it out and change some things

  • Formation: What a big surprise, it is 4-2-3-1. My left CDM is the more defensive of the two, ideally with M/H workrate, but telling him to 'stay back while attacking' works anyway. (like Viera) The right CDM is more attacking, H/H or M/M workrates, good allaround stats. (like Gullit) The 3 CAMs and my striker are on 'come back on defense', not because i want them to defend (EA patched that) but because when i get the ball back i want them close to me to start a fast counter.

  • Talking about fast counters, they aren't always the best way to score. Don't rush your attack, play back to the GK if needed.

  • Don't try longshots, most of my goals i score by passing the ball around, sending a fast player into the box and sweatting it across.

  • My custom tactics: Balanced 5,4 Balanced 6,4,4,3

My team:

500k team:

1000k team:

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