How I own 3 prime Icons without trading or spending money. I need to say it somewhere because people are thickheaded with these P2W msgs.

FIFA19 9 - How I own 3 prime Icons without trading or spending money. I need to say it somewhere because people are thickheaded with these P2W msgs.

Mostly because I’m tired of telling salty people id never give EA more money for their BS packs. My team is worth almost 5 mil and Il explain how I did it.

At the start of fifa I begin by reeding all my coin boosts, starting with the 1k boosts first. At the begging of the game, by the beginning I mean the first week or so, its important to buy as many big time players as you can because their prices only go up.

Personally I bough a felipe anderson at 7k and sold him for 20k. Harry Kane at 120k and sold him at 180k. And so on. 2 weeks before black friday I sell my team and use 10k or under player at every position for two weeks. I buy my big time players the monday/Subday night before Black Friday. This year I bought prime MvB at 1.2mil, now 1.4+, and Rijkaard at 950k, now almost 1.4 at the high. The rest of my team all consisted of red players and discard value players.

Next thing I do? I sell every card I pack besides some consumables. The only time I hold on to card is if they are 83+ or if they are from a league which hasn’t had a League SBC yet. The 83+ cards I sell when a SBC pushes up their price and the league cards I sell when the league SBC comes out. SBCs are money pits for most people. I did them all the time until halfway through fifa 18 when I realized I had 1k players in my club all worth about 600k and after doing the math I realized that I overall came out with a net loss when doing SBCs.

When an SBC comes out I do want, I pay the hrd cash for it. With the red untradeables I pack I can usually get a fair price even if I pay a premium for the rest of the cards I need. This is worth it for me.

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Next, when my rivals week finishes I ALWAYS, ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS choose coins. I started in DIV 4 so that was around 68k minimum a week. Now, Im in div 1 and its 80k a week. If you play all 30 games of WL, Rank1 in rivals is achievable with about 15wins. However I think ive needed less and less games the higher ive gone up in the divisions. I honestly play some rivals Tuesday and Wednesday and finish rank 1 or 2 comfortably.

WL, I dont always play all 30 games, funny thing is, my two biggest pulls (neymar/kroos) all came from finishing gold 2. But, I always try to finish at least gold2 because of the 45k reward, gold one is only 5k more. When I do play all my games I finish anywhere between 22 to 26 wins. I lost out on elite 1 by losing to a 40mil coin Juggernaut team in my last game the past weekend. When finishing Elite 3 my minimum coinage is 116k plus. 70k cash, plus the totw pack which is a minimum of 30k and the rare gold players pack which at discard is 16.5k. And this is assuming all players are discard value. Honestly, Ive finished elite 2/3 10 times this fifa and my only IF from the totw packs worth more than 30k was Mandzukic.

Well what about the packs?! Honestly, I have terrible luck, so I dont expect anything anymore. Even when I pulled neymar I laughed because I thought it was a joke.

So to put everything together. Rivals 60-80k depending on rank WL minimum gold, 75-115k

Thats 135k-195k every Thursday at the MINIMUM. Even if youre a gold 3 player, and only finish rank 2/3. You can still make over 100k a week minimum.

I cant afford the cruyffs, or Ronaldos. But every month or so I can afford a new decent legend without spending money. Im sure you could amplify your earnings even more with BPM and other trading techniques, but thats not my cup of tea.

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Sorry, for the long post. I just needed to write this down. 3 straight games I was msgd that I was P2W by people with more expensive teams than mine.

TL:DR – Long story short. Take the coins and dont pour money into SBCs for packs.

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