How to fix position changes in FIFA

FIFA19 3 - How to fix position changes in FIFA

Buckle up, long post.

First off, this is not my original idea, I’ve seen other people post about this. I just want to give some concrete examples of how it could be implemented and highlight some reasons why I think it's a good idea.

The main problem with the current system is that it is exceedingly restrictive for some positions (wingers, fullbacks), and overly generous with others (CMs, Strikers), all while having no basis in reality (Griezmann at CDM is ok, but Mane at RW is a no-go?). The goal of this new format is to switch from using a position-focued system where all players of that position can be switched to another (RMRW, CAMCF), to a player-focused system where the positions themselves are static (LM, CB, ST) and you apply changes based on what they play IRL (or at least in FIFA's database).

2 examples:

Thorgan Hazard:
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Thorgan is a versatile player who can play both wings and centrally. According to SOFIFA, his official positions are RW, LW, & CF, so in the image I created the only position consumables you can apply are the LW & CF cards.

Thomas Partey:

Another interesting example. Thomas can play 4 positions both centrally and on the right. Accordingly, the position change consumables he can apply are RB, CM, & RM.

Here are the advantages of this system:

  1. First, from EA's perspective, they still get to load packs full of shitty consumables. By the end of the cycle you will have 150 LF and RWB cards that you will never use…. I only bring this up to show that this isn't a major upheaval from their current model of distribution and implementation.
  2. From the player's perspective it opens the door for SO many possibilities. You can play Kimmich in midfield, Declan Rice at CDM, Florenzi at LW, Nacho at RB, and on and on. Hybrids will become a lot easier to make, so the diversity of squad types will increase dramatically. Even within the standard Premier League squads there will be more options. You could play Auba at LM, Hazard at CF or Rashford at RM, or even all three without breaking a sweat. If you combine this with the ease of switching formations, you could end up with some truly creative squads on full chem.
  3. It will alleviate some of the position-specific droughts that happen every year. For example I'm a Bundesliga user and RM is a huge hole, as are LB and RB to a lesser extent. By this point in the cycle it's not that big of a deal, but early on there were 0 good options, and I had to wait around for EA to drop special cards rather than working around the problem myself. I think wingers and fullbacks will benefit most here, bc there are a ton of them that can play on either side, just like they do IRL.
  4. Building on the previous point, it will provide extra value to players with more position change options. If your Jesus can only play ST, but your Rashford can play LW, ST, & RW, who would have better value? If you end up with extra depth at one position, you can jostle around your options to upgrade your team even more.
  5. We can stop relying on EA to give us position-changed special cards. They still can of course, for example IF Fabinho at CB bc he doesn't have that position in the database, but we won't have to wait around for their bizarre choices, which they inevitably mess up anyway (POTM Sancho). In fact, now that I think about it, that POTM Sancho debacle could have been readily fixed using this system by simply giving everyone who completed the SBC a free RM card.
  6. League SBCs will become easier. Let's take FC Utrecht for example. As I write, Futbin has this SBC coming in at at whopping 74k, mostly bc they have a formation with wide players, but no actual wide players to put there. Under this system, it might still be expensive, but not nearly as bad because FC Utrecht has at least 4 players with wide secondary positions who could easily be transitioned to gain chem.
  7. EA already tracks this information, and should (in theory) be easy to implement. I've seen people scoff and say that EA would be too lazy to actually keep track of secondary positions, but they already do! Any Career Mode player, or SOFIFA enthusiast could tell you that even in lower leagues EA have an impressive database that includes alternate positions.

TL;DR – Make each individual position its own card and allow players to apply position change cards that match what they play IRL (or at least in FIFA's database).

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