How To Get Better At This Game.

FIFA19 2 - How To Get Better At This Game.

Change your bloody mindset. I get that this years FIFA can be really frustrating and infuriating, but at the end of the day it is a game all of us can better ourselves at. Changing my mindset on the game (A few FIFA's back) has brought significant changes. Go into every game with the sole objective to better yourself, Expirement, learn things and ultimately ahve fun. Winning a game is a short term goal, and while you may grind out wins like that it is bloody exhausting and not fun at all. Once you get into that "learning" mindset it really takes a lot of stress and tension off.

Getting that over with, here are some tips to improve your game play.


Find your own way to play and most comfortable. Don't try to match someone else's best, be the best YOU. If you like playing ping pong passing, go with fast build up. If you like possession make sure to have full backs and play on a much wider scale. If you enjoy soaking up pressure go with clogging the midfield. If you don't know how you play, a good tactic would be to reset your tactics and go into a game. See what you're most comfortable with and have most fun with the game. You can WIN and have FUN.


The beauty about this game is that there are so many options available. I know it doesn't seem like it, but imagine yourself on the flanks. What do you normally do? Cross it in? Square it? Fake shot and pass outside the box? There are so many options available! A personal favorite I like to pull is calling my full back for a run (L1) and back heeling it to him and ground crossing it (SQUARE+R1) where my striker will be ready to hammer it in. Have an arsenal of attacks up your sleeve, keep your opponent guessing and confused.

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Go into every game with a plan, how you'll start and try to break down the opposition. Don't get caught in playing FIFA mindlessly and spamming through balls. Hold the ball, pass it around and then unleash quick ping pong passes. Lull your opposition, and then strike. Make sure you're in control of the game, control the tempo.


If a formation isn't working, don't be scared to change it up. Same goes for tactics, mix it up depending on your opposition. I highly recommend reading this article on FIFA formations, thanks to the knowledge it's provided me I've been able to turn 0-2 games into 3-2 games quickly.

For example, if someone is playing 433 go 442. Their wings will be shut down, allowing you to run rampant through the midfield. The 2 wide midfielders can play on the inside and outside.

Anyways, this was my first proper post on Reddit! Also I want to know if you guys enjoy these kinds of things, Wondering If I should write up more! (Albeit this was very sloppy!)

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