I actually enjoyed the game and WANTED to play more.

FIFA19 3 - I actually enjoyed the game and WANTED to play more.

So for the first time since the launch of this title I genuinely enjoyed playing. I had five, that’s right five, straight games where the game felt incredible. It was responsive in all facets. I was able to switch easily AND to the player I wanted to on defense. And while I still got screwed on some 50/50 balls I felt totally in control and none of them led to the egregiously fluke goals we’ve all become accustomed to conceding. And even better my defense held its form, players weren’t all over the place like they tend to be sometimes.

Offensively I was able to pull off all the skills with ease, left stick dribbling was crisp and concise and the passing was spot on (not a single errant pass). In other words the game was registering the commands I was giving.


The game was fast but not out of control fast (I get games where the speed is good but my players feel like they’re on skates).

I truly wish it played like this all the time because win, lose or draw I would play far more than I do now. It didn’t feel like a chore for once but instead like a genuine video game that you pick up and play for fun and entertainment. It just sucks knowing the game can actually be very good, excellent even, but way more often than not, it just isn’t.

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