I Believe The New Patch Has Improved The Game A Lot

FIFA19 10 - I Believe The New Patch Has Improved The Game A Lot

After 20 games of Div 2 I could say that the new patch is a right move to reach perfected gameplay. It feels so good to be able to tackle someone perfectly and usually win the ball. I was too scared to touch my opponents before, I just try to stand in front of them without try tackling or anything because the attacker gets back the ball more than 60% times after being tackled. This improves manual defending as well imo, since you can switch to your CB and push a bit if your opponent passed your CDM's and running towards you, if your wings are covered so that he can't pass there, then you most likely get the ball, which is how it's supposed to happen. Also, player switching is better now so it's easier to switch and try to cover spaces.

And I must add that outside of the box timed finesse shots are mostly gone as well, they still work if you are free to shoot, but if someone's close and make a move, it usually goes out of target or gets blocked. Finishing is easier, and getting behinds are more dangerous so try to change your game and implement something that is focused on getting into the box.

Now I'm expecting a change in server stability, EA must do it if they are ambitious, clearly they hear us and trying to perfect it, this proves that the game is not in a state where EA wants it to be, they do not think shady gameplay pushes people into opening packs and getting new players. People quit this game because it is unplayable. Fix the delay, and we have a go.


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