I believe the only thing that will fix FIFA, is a new competitor on the market.

FIFA19 5 - I believe the only thing that will fix FIFA, is a new competitor on the market.

I'm sure you guys have already seen all of these topics about #FIXFIFA, and have tried suggesting what has to/can change to fix the issues with FIFA. And I think it's safe to say we all agree the issue comes within EA and their higher-ups who only care about keeping their investors happy and their pockets fat.

People have suggested and have tried organizing the whole FIFA community to stand against EA, like it happened in Battlefront, which is a nice suggestion but the reality is FIFA is not a community type of game.

Why ? Let me explain, Battlefront is a team based game, where 1 team plays vs the other team, which creates a natural feeling of co-operation which builds a community that will stand behind each other.

While in FIFA, every mode is designed to be played 1v1 (besides Pro-clubs of course, but it's sadly been more or less abandoned by most people due to EA neglecting the mode). These 1v1 modes creates a competitiveness between us and a sense of regret for the opponent, it makes us be against each other instead of with each other. And you can't really blame people for wanting to exploit anything EA throws at them to gain the upper hand on their opponent because of the way the reward systems and ladder ranking is designed for FIFA.

Because of this reason the EA community will never be vocal enough to make EA notice us and act upon it. The fact of the matter is that regardless of these posts we still end up buying Fifa points (inb4 " i hAvE hAd FIFA fOr 20 yEarS and NevEr bOugHt aNy fIFA Points" ) and the same shit games with a new image on the cover.


I have had discussions with my self about this and how FIFA could be saved, a new Engine ? A new reward system ? Reworked competitive and casual modes ? No, none of that will happen until EA see they are losing profit.

I believe the only way EA will actually make a difference if a 3rd company makes a Football game. Konami used to be their competitors but recently they've just been losing more and more and EA know this.

If I had to pick a company to design the new football game that will have: Stable servers, Good graphics, Fun game play, Constant and quality updates, a company that listens to its community and doesn't make it all about selling "micro transactions" I would honestly pick Rock Star.

Look RS's last few titles :

L.A. Noir, Red Dead Redemption 1, GTA 5

I am personally fascinated by their management of GTA 5 online. That game is 6 years old and has been using the same servers (most likely) since it's launch the engine they built the game still competes with modern day games in terms of performance and graphics, and most importantly, they constantly engage with their community and perform updates and give their players new content.

Rock Star are one of the few companies left out there who have not majorly fucked up in one way or another and they don't make it obvious they strive on making a profit each quarter.

What do you guys think ? Do you think we will see a new Football game any time soon , and which company would you like to see develop and manage it ?

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