I did some analysis and created Indices for three categories of players in Fifa 20. Details inside

FIFA19 5 - I did some analysis and created Indices for three categories of players in Fifa 20. Details inside

Hi All,

TLDR, i created a Messi Index, a Kante Index, and a Van Dijk index in this spreadsheet –>
edit?usp=sharing - I did some analysis and created Indices for three categories of players in Fifa 20. Details inside

Before i dive into what i did, please note that this analysis was based on how i like to play the game. I enjoy holding possession, taking on my opponents on the dribble, and trying to open them up through clever passing and dribbles. That being said, i think this analysis can be useful info for everyone.

Details on my methods:

I scrapped necessary data from Futbin, for all gold cards +specials, removing icons, and including prices as of 6pm EST on October 17th. Then, i created separate tabs in three general categories: 1) Forwards, Wingers, and CAMs 2) Defensive and Box2Box mids, and 3) Defenders.

In a patch that EA announced a few weeks ago, they made changes to the feel of dribbling in game for players who have 80+ in each of the in game stats of agility, balance, and dribbling; on a average sliding scale up to 99. From this, i created my first Index that i called the Dribbling Index. This is quite simply the average of agility, balance, and dribbling.

For my second index, i sorted all players in the game by height. I then crafted an index called the Height Index which i assigned to each player a number between 1 and 99 based upon their height. The tallest player received a 99 in the Height Index. The shortest player received a 1.

Then, i crafted what i am calling indices for each of the three archetypes based on what i think are the best at their positions in this year's installment of Fifa. These three indices are based on Messi as the best attacker, Kante as the best holding mid, and van dijk as the best defender.

For the Messi index, i assumed Hunter would be used on all attackers for the sake of simplicity and fairness (i was not about to go and determine the most advantageous chemistry style for over 2000 cards). The Messi index is comprised of the unweighted average of Pace, Positioning, Short Passing, Vision, Finishing, Composure, and the Dribbling Index. Unsurprisingly, the player with the highest Messi index is Messi at 96. The second place recipient is a 2 way tie at 92 with Neymar and Hazard, and third place a two way tie between CR7 and Mo Salah at 91. Mbappe falls in at an 8 way tie for 5th with an 89, tied with players like Reus, POTM Vela, LW Mane, Regular KDB, and Mertens.


For the Kante Index, i assumed Shadow would be used on all midfielders for the sake of simplicity and fairness. The Kante index is comprised of Pace, Aggression, Interceptions, Marking, Reactions, Short Passing, Standing Tackle, Strength, Vision, and the Dribbling Index. The player with the highest Kante index is Kante at 89, but he is not alone in first place. He is tied with Allan and FB Lukasz Piszczek. EOE Schweinsteigher is in second at 88 and IF Acuna rounds out 3rd place at 87. Vidal and Fernandinho are tied for 4th at 86 followed by a 14 way tie for 5th at 85. It was surprising to me that Kante is not alone at the top of his own index, but then i recalled getting absolutely dicked in WL by a man running kante and allan as his CDM pairing. So the results replicate my experience.

For the Van Dijk Index, i assumed Shadow would be used on all defenders for the sake of simplicity and fairness. The Van Dijk Index is comprised of Pace, Height Index, Aggression, Interceptions, Marking, Reactions, Slide Tackle, Standing Tackle, and Strength. The player with the highest Van Dijk index is Virgil Van Dijk alone in 1st place at 94. A close second is Koulibaly at 91, tied with FB Lukasz Piszczek, Sule, Manolas, and Varane. Third place is a 3 way tie at 90 among Chiellini, Tah and Pique.

Finally, each tab has a column that identifies the cost of the index. That is, simply the price divided by the Messi/Kante/Dijk index.

Interestingly, Neymar is a 92 and Hazard is also a 92 on the Messi Index. Neymar costs nearly 11k per index point whereas Hazard costs only 5.7k per index point.

Also interestingly, Kante and Allan are both 89s on the Kante index but Kante costs 5k per index point whereas Allan costs only 706 per index point.

Finally, Van Dijk is a 94 and Koulibaly is a 91 but Van dijk costs nearly 7.4k per index point whereas koulibaly costs a measly 525 coins per index point.

Food for thought…

EDIT: this doesn't not account for things like custom animations, premier league bias, cover star boost, and things like that.

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