I got hacked again #EA#FIFA19

FIFA19 6 - I got hacked again #EA#FIFA19


It's me again.

Remember my post from 25 days ago that got a lot of support from you guys and made EA take action?

After I've made sure I have 2 step verification for EA account, Gmail account, an incredibly stupid strong password on everything and after EA through their representative have assured me that my account is secured and that if anyone ever tried to change anything on the account they will block the account and call me to confirm that it was me doing the changes. They literally told me last time that it was my fault even though I had all the evidence that their advisor just game my account away. We finished the conversation with their confirmation that the account is secured and this should not happen again. And guess what guys ? It did. I got hacked again less than a month after I started my first post.

This is an absolutely ridiculous thing to happen. I have never bashed someone and their way of doing things even though I have many times felt it was a disgrace but what EA is doing is just incredible. Took them almost a month to respond to my concerns, after we finally managed to reach an agreement to have my things restored and all, it happens again, I get hacked again. And it was another russian again. This time around I received an email that my email address associated with EA/Origin was changed and I managed to revert the process and access the recovery link to restore my email to theEA account. But of course my players were listed up for small prices and now I have lost anything tradeable again in FIFA 19.


There is no way to contact EA via phone call and the chat advisors are… not properly trained. So now I have to wait until tomorrow to talk to them and ask them about what happened AGAIN.

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When will EA improve their customer support and MOST IMPORTANTLY their SECURITY? I cannot accept that I spend money buying the game and then for in game currency just to have it stolen as soon as someone sees my team and decides my account must have coins or players and they can make money off of it.

I hope you can help me again with this issue. I have tried last time to tell them to improve their security but it seems they have not listened and are not willing to accept that this problem is on their end. I will try to ring the alarm bells on this issue and maybe they will do something.

Thank you for your past support and hope that you will be here for me yet again.

Will keep you updated.

Edit 1 : A guy is actively trying to hack my account and manages to access it as we speak. I keep resetting passwords and he can still access it. Feels like an inside job to me. Changed my password 10 times now becaase I keep getting hacked.

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