I just need somewhere to vent my frustrations over what just happened

FIFA19 8 - I just need somewhere to vent my frustrations over what just happened

Tonight, since I was bored and had nothing to do, I thought I'd spend my evening creating my own team of 'liverpool legends'. This consisted of about 3/4 hours of me creating about 25 players from scratch, each based on a real player from the past and made to the best of my ability. I make this squad, which I'm pretty proud of, move all the current liverpool players into free agents to free up space for my new guys, edit the team using team sheets on the customise area, set everything up. Pleased with myself, I decided that I'll start a career with this team, in a 'super league' of all the top clubs to give myself a challenge. Only problem is, as soon I select manager career, without being given any opportunity to choose settings etc, it comes up on screen that the latest squads are being downloaded. After an initial panic I figure I'll be able to just choose current customised squads on the menus, right? Nope. So I back out of career, look at current squads- no sign of my players at liverpool. Check free agents- still no sign. So I go onto 'delete player', only to be told there are no created players to be deleted. So it would appear my whole evening of creating a brand new squad, which, may I add, wasn't fu*king easy, has been wasted, because fifa is so broken that it just decides it's gonna update the squads, thus deleting all my created players, WITH NO FU*KING WARNING. It's now 2.30am, and it's safe to say I'm absolutely fuming. Fu*k this game.


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