I just played 2 bipolar games of fifa. We all know why this game is unplayable and it’s not about game mechanics.

FIFA19 8 - I just played 2 bipolar games of fifa. We all know why this game is unplayable and it's not about game mechanics.

Just played my first 2 (and last tonight) games of the day:

1st game DR. Opponent has CL Cr7 and lots of others high rated cards. Gameplay is super smooth, you can play tiki taka, make skill moves in all the right moments and it's fun to play. Opponent is really good, have to be your best in pass interceptions and defenders tracking.

In the end I win 3:2 but even If I would lose I'm glad to send him a good game message and had lots of fun.

2nd game Fut Champions. Opponent has some cheap BPL team with Jesus as a best player, and has no clue has to attack and defend. Game seems to have decent connect at first glance but as soon as your start playing you see that there's that 0.20seconds delay on every action you do and button you click. You can't play the same as you played another game, if you do a skill move (if the game registers it at all) it's delayed and even if it comes off it was supposed to happen in situation some miliseconds ago. When you pass you have to plan ahead and everything is sluggish, l1 stick dribble is ineffective. When you lose the ball it's because you couldn't predict if you calculated delay accurately before you pass.


Your opponent doesn't really put much effort into his game, he just pass to the closest player and you even though you block the pass lanes ball still travels next to you because you're delayed. Same goes for blocking shots or simply tracking the runner with your defender.

In the end I won 2:1, concerned about the result until very end, fun factor was close to 0 and I don't feel any more urge to play tonight.

We can discuss game mechanics and patch notes all day long but in the end EA greed and their amateurish wooden servers are the biggest issue of this game, everyone knows this, but they pretend not to see it to save even more money.

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