I just watched AA9’s video from yesterday and well…

FIFA19 9 - I just watched AA9’s video from yesterday and well...

Don’t get me wrong. All for the community having a voice in our very broken franchise. But my god for a bloke that makes a living out of this community, he’s got no idea. He made a lot of good points that we have all heard before and all already know about the game. It’s broken, the community is toxic. But that’s another whole story. He then continued to go on and say it’s like coin selling is back in the game, because the market is “so inflated” because of FUT champs and division rivals rewards, and they should all be made untradable. This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard come from a FIFA YouTuber/streamer in a long time, don’t fu*king @ me. 4 years ago at the stage of the game, an elite tier player like Messi for example was worth 4 MILLION coins not 800k. He is claiming that in recent weeks the market is over inflated and that’s the biggest issue on our game right now? Messi for example has risen with the rest of the market a small amount, same as last year when people over prepared for Black Friday and the market did a 180 compared to what people thought it would. I don’t know about the rest of you but I’m 100% thankful for modes like rivals and champs to allow EVERYONE an opportunity to put in the time and make the money. It wouldn’t take you long to earn enough coins to buy someone like Messi through rewards anymore. Put the time in and get rewarded, the way fifa should be played. Not having the market completely cornered in pay to play. Absolutely ridiculous from a “game changer”. 100 other bigger fundamental issues in our game to use his voice for.


Rant over

EDIT Forgot how much his hat sitting so high on his head annoyed me too

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