I played 1000 games of fifa 20 and this happened..

FIFA19 7 - I played 1000 games of fifa 20 and this happened..

Yes I've nearly played a thousand fifa games so far. I decided to share my thoughts on the most popular tactics being discussed aswell as a few tips that I found to be quite useful.

We're up first with a hot topic, Manual Jockey. Used by most pros and heard it being reccomend alot. My opinion, stay the hell away from it. Manual jockey basically allows you to move faster with the player to cover more distance quicker while maintaining the ability to win the ball back. However, what most people don't admit is that it can also create massive gaps in your defense especially if you're used to pressing R2+L2 alot. I found it easier to defend with jockey as assisted but then again this may be my play style.

Next up we have the all famous drop back tactic. Many people complain about facing drop back 1 depth players when in reality that's the best thing you can wish for. You're having the ball 80% of the match time to score goals and your opponent only has a few chances to score. So you guessed it, the key is to defend well not attack. It's a must to put your full backs on stay back and I wouldn't advise playing 3 back against this type of players as even with your outside midfielders set to come back on defense you will most likely get exposed to heavy counters. Now to the attacking part. Like I mentioned you have so much time to break your opponent's defense. You need to utilize cutbacks. They're the meta to scoring goals. Use your wingers to create space. Abuse the lobbed/threaded through balls to get the ball to them. And be unpredictable. Don't always go for the immediate low cross or driven ball. Ball rolls, drag backs and L1 dribble are all effective ways to draw out your opponent. Also utilize the left stick dribbling. Once your through from the wing and looking for a cross, if no one's open don't try to force the ball. Keep left stick dribbling till someone opens up. More often than not, the opponent would panic and wont tackle you.


Which brings me to my next point, lobbed through balls. They're back gentlemen and better than ever. Keep them on assisted though. And then use the L1 to trigger runs by your wingers, Supply them with a lobbed through ball and you're in a very good attacking position. But you have to keep them on assisted. Manual will just mess up heavily especially at times when you're trying to play it out the back and it will cost you goals.

Here comes the part no one wants to hear. When you lose, try less to blame the game and the stupid mechanics and focus on where it went wrong. Where could've you done better? The sooner you admit the mistake you made the most likely you will avoid it the next time.

And for my fellow friends who just lose their shit playing our beloved fifa, I have a great tip for you. I used to rage so hard while playing WL and it cost me so many games. The thing that helped the most was simply listening to music. You must remember that music has proven to boost the progress and concentration of athletes and even to students while studying. Besides it acts as a great distraction from the rage and will help you keep your cool and clutch more difficult wins.

Last but not least, grind gentlemen. You won't get better at this game while spending most your time on reddit complaining about how your opponent hit the bar three times then scored to win 1-0 in a game you were dominating. Yes we all can relate but truth is there's little we can do about that. Play the he out of the game and figure out what works for in terms of creating chances and conceding less. And chances are, you will score more of these situations.

These were a few of my thoughts on the game so far. I also have some trading tips which I can post. If you're interested let me know.

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