I played FIFA 20. First thoughts and impressions.

FIFA19 3 - I played FIFA 20. First thoughts and impressions.

I had the luxury to go and try to FIFA 20 at EA play

Here is the summary

A few disclaimers

  • I am just a regular person have nothing to gain from this, so its just my honest thoughts.

  • Because I am not a gamechanger I only got to play the game an extremely short period of time. Used Liverpool and PSG in kickoff which was the only game mode available.

  • I am a decent player didn’t play much this year but in 18 was elite.


Speed of the game

  • way slower, kick off is slower than ut but this kick off felt slower than 19 kick off

  • Consequently, fast players felt fast, like mbappe felt like a rocket, if he went through the backline there was no catching him. That 99 pace cb thing didn’t happen and having spoken to zaro it is something they worked on.


  • I could tell they worked on how the ball moved, like it would bounce along the ground.
  • Player jumping, and other movements felt more realistic and sharper
  • Player visual graphics looked stunning -like most fifas


  • Manual defending felt more rewarding, tackles felt clean and whenever I tackled properly I got the ball.

  • Felt that defenders were kind of dead on through balls, you had to manually switch to them to make them alive- meaning in that instance ai is weaker. People might get mad but hey just learn to defend manually.

  • When I got the ball against Dortmund I felt like I was surrounded, pressure was insane. Im not sure how that affects stamina as I was kicked out before the end.

  • Interceptions were very strong, if you gave enough time the ai set up in really good spots to intercept the ball, this was with top teams so maybe it was the intercepting stat.

  • Fast transitions made the team exposed, many a time id play a few passes and the field was open.

  • Auto lunges are still there

  • Defence struggled with floater crosses, maybe it is a glitch but they stood still in those scenarios.


  • Couldn’t test too much, but passes seem to go where I wanted to

  • Driven passes don’t work as well if you fizz into a player they don’t take perfect touches specially with worse players.

  • New passes are available, you can do dinked through balls and passes by double tapping the pass button, works well

  • Crosses still felt strong. The flatter crosses don’t work as well but the floaters are an issue. When you do flick up or el tornado normally it’s a flatter cross.


Skill moves and dribbling.

  • To start off doing a el tornado cross is much higher, the ball went higher than this current fifa making it much tougher to cross.

  • There is an error component in skill moves and that error gets compounded with spamming the same skill move. So doing the 4 elasticos in a row is not really possible as the player will take a bad touch due to error associated.

  • Dribbling felt ok, felt quite nice on ney and mbappe, it was clean. L1 dribbling didn’t feel as strong.

  • Heel chop is now 3* skill move.

  • Skill moves feel a bit slower to do , if I am being honest, i was able to win a few fouls but not completely bamboozle the defender.


  • 180 shots were weaker try a few didn’t work well at all. Long shots are still op even untimed, specially volleys did a flick up with firmino and it had insane diiip.

  • Weak foot shots are stronger than they should be 1 v 1 was not something that felt easier, maybe I didn’t test enough. But I think it should be one of the simplest things to do and I didn’t feel that. Maybe im just bad.

  • First time shot seem to be an issue from what I tested. Not as easy to score but still was dangerous even when untimed

Set pieces

  • Corners had better match ups, like player seemed to match up on height so no van dijk vs kante.

  • Couldn’t score near post

  • 2 goals from corners came from rebounds but maybe its that floater glitch. They seem to have issue reacting to unexpected balls

  • Freekicks are different you can change the type of spin from knuckle to top spin. You can for sure score them.

Other notes:

  • Gk movement is there but you didn’t get too much of a chance to play around with it

  • Physical players felt very strong, casemeiro was bullying everyone

  • Volta has their own skill moves that are different to actual game.

  • Seems to me what will be the meta is fast transitions and over the top through balls but it could change

There will still be shit that makes you pull your hair out but that doesn’t mean they don’t know it or that the game hasn’t improved. What I played was the first test im sure it will get better (unless they patch it 360) I did speak to zaro and they don’t plan to make ai stronger even if people are pissed they cant defend.

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