I played with all 20 PL teams in the Weekend League: My Review (Pt 3) (ft. Man City, Liverpool, and Man U)

FIFA19 9 - I played with all 20 PL teams in the Weekend League: My Review (Pt 3) (ft. Man City, Liverpool, and Man U)

Part 3 of my PL series starts with the reigning CL winners, Liverpool. In this set, there will be better teams that I get to play with, which means I will hopefully have a better record.

If you guys missed part one and two, here are the links:

I start today with 600k in the bank.

Team: Liverpool (554k)

Squad: Other Guy: ST Martial, Futties Coman, Futties Alessandrini, TOTS Lala

Result: W 1-0 Goal by Fabinho (56' Pen)

A questionable penalty and Fabinho sending the keeper was the difference in the game. Both teams had several balls hit the post, and many other chances also went by the wayside. Man, even the 88 Mane is incredibly fast I can't imagine how awesome that TOTS is. 85 VVD is amazing as well. So strong, fast and wins every aerial duel. I think he is a shoo-in for TOTT. The post was probably a better keeper than Alisson tbh. Fabinho, Wijnaldum, and Keita form a great midfield. Everyone can pass, defend and keep the ball. Both wingbacks did decent jobs as well. Not shocking to see why Liverpool won the Champions League last year.

Team: Manchester City (600k)

Squad: Other Guy: FB Villa, FB Iniesta EOE Torres, FB Vidal, Ronaldo

Result L 4-2 Goals by Aguero (52') and Sane (73')

Ronaldo had 2 goals and an assist. He was by far the best player on the field and it showed. For me, Sane was fantastic with a goal and an assist. Ederson and the 3 CBs were not good. The back 3 lost aerial battles all game and Ederson should have saved at least one, if not 2 of the goals. Mahrez, Sterling, and Jesus were largely invisible which made getting any attack difficult. I realize that 3 in the back with those slow CBs wasn't a great strategy, but I wanted to play with a lot of attackers. The midfield played well, just didn't create enough chances. On to City's next-door neighbor.

Team: Manchester United (524k)

Squad: Other Guy: HL Werner, FFS Havertz, EOE Robben, Futties Coman

Result: W 2-1 Goals by Lingard (25') and (76')

The game was tied going into the 76' when a pass by Fred found Lingard's right foot, who curled it past TOTS Trapp and into the goal to secure the brace and more importantly the win for team Man U. Lingard was the star of the show, playing in the CAM spot he was integral to every attacking opportunity. Rashford, Fred and Pogba all had good games in the attack. The CBs and Matic were good, but the fullbacks left something to be desired. Shaw especially, who gave the ball away numerous times and almost cost us the game with a wayward pass in his own half in the dying moments of the game. He was saved from that disappointment due to the strong goalkeeping of De Gea.

I had fun playing with 3 of the top 6 clubs in the PL but onto a mid-table staple: Newcastle.

Team: Newcastle United

Squad: Other Guy: FB Torres, EOE Ribery, Griezmann, TOTS Cazorla

Result: L 3-2 Goals by Almiron (45') and (85')

Review: I went down 3-0 inside of 27' and tried to climb back in the game, but just ran out of gas. Almiron bagged a brace, while Rondon had two assists. Rondon as a target man is really great. Even against the likes of Ramos and Varane, he shielded the ball well and distributed from his striker spot. Atsu and Perez were both bad. Not really much for them to feel good about. They repeatedly couldn't pass or dribble out of tight spots, losing the ball in inopportune spots and missing the few chances I did have. The midfield was solid. As my opponent was on high pressure, the passing lanes were small but more often than not they made the right play. The defense couldn't track the overlapping runs from his wingers which contributed to two of his goals. Dubravka cost me a goal when he couldn't corral a fairly simple shot, and instead parried it into Griezmann's left foot who slotted it away.

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Team: Southampton FC (14k)

Squad: Other Guy: OP Deco, OP Van Basten, TOTS Van Persie

Result: L 4-0


Review: We have a new worst team! The level of competition was obviously pretty high, but I still had chances and open passing lanes. It was a terrible midfield and defensive effort from the Southampton lads that doomed me. McCarthy in goal did all he could with 14 saves, but the defense was so slow in closing the opposition's players down that the 4-0 result could have been a lot worse. The attack wasn't terrible. I really liked Elyounoussi, who showed good speed, decent passing touch and also had a couple of shots on target. I think getting the record-breaker Shane Long or IF Ings may have netted at least a goal, but Ings was extinct and I didn't do the Weekly Obj. Long.

Team: Spurs (525k)

Squad: Other team: Pele, EOE Robben, Futties Coman, TOTSs Telles, and Militao.

Result: W 6-3 Goals by Eriksen (21') (33') (63') Son (41') Lucas (45') Alli (68')

Review: This game was never that close. I scored the first 4 and then gave up 2 later in the 2nd half, before adding two on late. The first hat trick of WL was by Eriksen, who also had an assist. He seems destined to be in the TOTT. The rest of the attacker were fine except Kane. I just have never been able to use him right in Fifa. Defense and Midfield were fine except for Danny Rose who was burned repeatedly by EOE Robben. I knew it was a tall task for him, but he was often found way out of position and/or getting outmaneuvered by Robben. Aurier, on the other hand, was amazing. He was usually marking Pele and did a great job at it. Sissoko was a solid CDM as well. Lucas is a legitimately good ST. Great passer and was clinical with his one shot.

Team: Watford (78k)

Squad: Other Team: Auba, IF Richarlison, Sane, KDB, standard PL team.

Result: W 4-3 ET Goals by Deeney (57') (90') (105') and Deulofeu (71')

Review: Doucore, here's Pereyra….. Deeney!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do not scratch your eyes, you are really seeing the most extraordinary finish here… It almost mirrors the final day! Now, relegation wasn't on the line in this game, but a 90' goal by Deeney that was eerily similar to that goal in 2013 called for that commentary. It didn't finish the game either, it tied the game and was later won on a well-worked tap in by Deeney. Fun game with a good team. Deulofeu was an awesome CAM but missed 3 or 4 chances that would have taken the drama out of the match. His feel on the ball was fantastic but got a little fatigued at the end which slowed him down a bit. The defense held their own against his pacy front line and the midfield was very solid, especially Will Hughes who was all over the place. Foster made several great saves but did let in two long shots. Deeney is no doubt the MVP, with the hat trick and an assist.

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Team: West Ham (185k)

Squad: Other Guy: Firmino, OTW Richarlison, Scream Fellaini, Hero Origi

Result: L 1-0

Review: A 90th minute through ball found Firmino with a 1 on 1 vs Fabianski and he made good on the chance and slotted it into the net to give my opponent the win. A controller was then tossed gently onto a pile of clothes in frustration. For some reason, I couldn't get along with the Hammers. The top 3 just couldn't convert chances. Yarmelonko seemed really slow on the ball, Arnie had a few chances that were blocked and Anderson was invisible for most of the game. The backline was slow and not great beside Fredericks, who was solid. Midfield was fine. Rice at CDM was a rock, Lanzini misplayed multiple through balls that cost me the game and Sanchez was decent. 19 down, one to go.

Team: Wolves (180k)

Squad: Other Guy: FB Chicharito, Futties Lozano, Kovacic, and Walker, RTTF Alonso, FB Luiz

Result: L 3-0

Review: Could not get past David Luiz. He AI blocked about 6 of my 10 shots. He was amazing. Jota and Jimenez both had chances including a PK that was shot just wide. Moutinho did a good job of distributing from his CAM spot and had multiple shots blocked by Luiz. We had all the possession, but when possession was lost, that quickly meant Lozano bombing down the wings to start a counter-attack. I liked the wing-backs a lot, they played many good balls into the box but I just couldn't get on the end of them. The midfield played well but needed to be a bit more clinical. Tough way to end it.

Well, that is that. I hope you guys enjoyed reading these last 3 parts as much as I did making them. I would assume part four will be coming out either later tonight or tomorrow. Part 4 will include some stats, TOTT selections and a review of the TOTT after I play a few games with them. Again, thank you so much for reading and being interested in it. It was a lot of work, but it is worth it if you guys enjoyed it. Good luck with the rest of your Weekend League games!

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