I post TOTW Predictions once a week. Positives, negatives + feedback:

FIFA19 1 - I post TOTW Predictions once a week. Positives, negatives + feedback:

Just want to say that I originally contemplated whether or not to even mention this, then I was going to simply post it as a comment on my latest post but I feel some of these things were better said in an individual post.

Since I started posting here 3 weeks ago I've had to turn off Reddit notifications for DMs. Quite frankly some of the DMs I receive on a weekly basis just because I haven't predicted "PlayerX" are disgusting even by Internet standards and those people should be ashamed. I'm not going to name names or 'expose' those people for internet points, but I'm also not going to spend any more time on them. I'm a grown man, and I can comfortably handle some of the at-times vitriolic comments that the posts themselves get, but I'm not putting up with threats and the like over video game predictions.

Having said that, I still have every intention of continuing with these predictions. I have been doing them since FIFA 12 (barring last year) for myself as a hobby and have recently decided I might as well try and share them with the community. I certainly don't do it for the upvotes (there are easier ways to get upvotes than spending 2-3 hours a week for 20 lol). I think one of my predictions was sitting at negative votes for a while and that's totally fine with me. I'm not trying to sell you anything or boost my trading or anything like that, I just figure that if I'm going to do it anyways I might as well share it. I also don't expect everyone to agree with my predictions at all. In fact I quite enjoy the back and forth aspect of posting them on this sub and getting feedback and by the looks of it those twenty or so people enjoy me posting the predictions here which is great.

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I'm also well aware that by publicly predicting a team for which there are no rigid parameters and over which I have no control I'm opening myself up to people who without fail every Wednesday come back with the "I told you so you clueless twat" comments and honestly those don't really bother me. Some people like to be right all the time and that's fine, usually I'll upvote the comment or reply to their DM congratulating them. That's not the issue here, the issue is people scouring my post history for any unrelated matter to try and use against me, or making personal threats against myself and those around me, etc. because they don't like how an average guy getting 20 upvotes is predicting a video game team on Reddit.

On an unrelated note, I wanted to ask as well: would those of you who enjoy seeing the predictions also like to see the spreadsheet of potential candidates that I make every week, or would you prefer to continue just seeing the team itself? I already make the full spreadhseet each week anyways, so if it would be useful then I can try and see if there's a good way to get it on here as well. Thanks!

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