I quick sold my OTW Lucas Hernandez and tried to get him back: An EA Support story

FIFA19 4 - I quick sold my OTW Lucas Hernandez and tried to get him back: An EA Support story

Yes, you read that correctly. I quick sold (by accident) my OTW Lucas Hernandez. At that time he was worth 130k, quite some coins for a F2P average player. Here's the full story:

It was a rainy Sunday afternoon around 1PM in Belgium. I was managing my transferlist on my phone when all of a sudden the Companion app seemed to have frozen when i was quick selling some bronze players. To my surprise, I had 10k coins extra in my account. Since my transferlist was packed with bronwe players and only 1 valuable one (Hernandez), i was assuming the worst. I looked at my transferlist and couldn't find my OTW Hernandez anywhere. I looked in my club, restarted the app, checked FUT on console, but no luck: He was gone.

I tried to keep my cool and searched how I could contact EA support. Of course I had to wait in line since their chat was busy. After about half an hour someone was free to talk to me. To cut a long conversation (about 40mins) short: They couldn't locate the player/the transaction. In total disbelief I closed the chat.

Later that evening I wanted to try again since I assumed those records are probably not updated every couple of minutes. After waiting again for half an hour, a new support worker tried to help me with the problem. Fortunately he had SOME news for me. He told me that their data is not up to data and that these transactions might take some hours to show. He told me not to worry and try again in a couple of hours.


I decided to let it rest for the day and try again tomorrow (Monday). At 10AM i was again waiting in line to talk to an EA support employee. Same sh***, different day. "transactions might take some time to show, I advice you to wait at least 24hours to be sure". Since it hadn't been 24hours I decided to give it a go, I didn't have anything to lose.

Couple of hours later I had a 1.30hour conversation with an EA employee who said the magical words "we have located your player". He told me my case would be forwarded to the right department and he deducted 10.248 coins from my account (the quick sell value from OTW hernandez). I would get a confirmation email when that was done.

Fastforward 24hours –> Lucas Hernandez has been safely returned to my club. Everyone who I know to play FIFA told me that I lost him forever and that EA would never give him back to me, but here we are. My faith in EA is restored and I hope someone with the same problem reads this and has faith as well that in the end, everything is possible.

TL;DR: I quick sold my OTW Lucas Hernandez due to the companion app freezing. After 48h of contacting EA support 4 times and getting 3 negative responses, he has now been returned to my club.

EDIT; You can't just discard players and get them back a moth later when you regret it. According to the support employee there were technical difficulties with my account (I don't have more details)

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