I started a new FUT account one week ago, got Elite in the Ultimate TOTS WL

FIFA19 1 - I started a new FUT account one week ago, got Elite in the Ultimate TOTS WL

2evvl6pvvb631 - I started a new FUT account one week ago, got Elite in the Ultimate TOTS WL

Bit of a preface, because this post is going to be a long one.

I am typically an Elite 2 player on xbox. I have the following team on my xbox account, after having finished Elite 3 – Elite 1 throughout the year every week:

GK: De Gea

RB: SBC Dumfries

CB: Prime Rio & PIM Desailly

LB: TOTS Ferland Mendy

CDM: Prime Ballack & Prime Vieira

CAM: Fut Birthday Mbappe, Flashback Firmino & Flashback Mahrez

ST: Prime Ronaldo

Bench: TOTS Williams, Flashback Vidal & TOTS Mertens.

So, this team is very good compared to the average team on Fifa. On YouTube I make video's where I show my Weekend League gameplay, and multiple commenters called me out on being 'pay to win', not being able to get the same results with the teams they're playing with. These comments made me think, and last week I decided to challenge myself.

I had a spare account on the PS4 that I had never used on Fifa 19, so on there I started a new FUT account. Having never played the game before, I only got the welcome packs that everyone gets when they start a new UT. From here, I got a loan inform card, loan Prime Icon and Loan Ultimate Player. From here I chose Loan TOTS Neymar for 10 games, and Prime icon Ronaldo for 7 games. These two were my 'cheat players', as I will get to later on.

This meant that I only had 200 coins in my account, and some untradeable players. I started out by completing the starter challenges, and did the 'communicado oficial' weekly objective, to give myself a laliga premium players pack. After these two games and the weekly objective, I had 1.200 coins that I could use to complete the first SBC: the League and Nation Basics. After completing these I got some other spare players that sold for a few hundred coins, putting my total to 5.000. This was enough to start doing the advanced SBC's, using players that I gathered through the untradeable packs and the few coins I had left.

As everyone is aware, these advanced SBC's are guaranteed profit. After doing all of these I packed multiple discard TOTS cards from the LATAM TOTS, putting my coin total on ~250k. With these coins, I completed all the 'rising talent' sbc's for the prime icon (moments). These give you a silver players pack for a team that costs around 2.5-3k, and most of these silvers sell for more than their discard value. Through these 16 packs, I got multiple players from Vallalodid that sold for 15k a piece, and a player from Huesca. This put my coin total on around 300k. I quicksold every gold player left in my club to get me the final financial means to start the gameplay part and build my team.

In order to get my team WL ready, it was vital to complete the Weekly objectives. These were TOTS M'vila, Buonanotte & Dembele. I made a basic Ligue 1 team and played squad battles to get the TOTS Dembele card, and after that I also made an Argentinian league team for Buonanotte. This costed 2 hours in total, where TOTS Dembele would go in my started squad, and Buonanotte would serve as a super sub.


Having completed these two weekly objectives, it was time to build my squad that you see in the screenshot above. It costed a total of ~300k, all earned through the ways described above. Initially I used Rabiot, which I got via one of the untradeable packs. I did my Division Rivals placement matches, where it was relatively easy to get the M'vila card, by scoring with Mbappe and/or TOTS Dembele. It costed me the 5 games to get M'vila, and then the team was complete as you see above. The only difference was that I had SIF Lala instead of TOTS Atal, which I bought purposely because I knew he would rise after WL rewards. I bought Lala for 37k, and sold him for 48k after WL rewards, netting me some easy extra profit to get TOTS Atal.

With the team ready, the only thing left was to qualify for the Weekend League, finishing in division 3 after the placement matches. After about 20 games, I had enough rivals points to qualify myself, as I promoted to Division 2 rather quickly, which gives you 250 WL points for every win. The team was ready, I was qualified and it was time to test myself in the Weekend League.

I finished my games on Xbox, finishing Elite 2 with 25 wins out of 30. I alternated between accounts to stretch out my matches, first playing 10 games on xbox, then 10 on the PS4, etcetera. The first 10 games went relatively well, finishing 9-1 with the only loss being against a person that simply had too many good red picks, and was a very decent player in general. The other games I felt that my team performed really well, with the only downside being TOTS Dembele, whom I replaced after 45 mins with TOTS Buonanotte. The other 20 games, I had to struggle for every win. My opponents all had full TOTS teams, icons and TOTS Player picks, who could punish me for every mistake. On the other hand, while my team performed adequately, it is simply much more difficult to finish with regular gold players or budget TOTS cards. I basically had to time 90% of my shots or they would go wide, which is particularly difficult if you only get a few chances because the opponents defence is so solid. Most games of the final 20 went to extra time, and I really had to keep possession in some of those games to get a win with 1 goal difference.

The final 10 games were easily the worst. I finished 17-3 at that point, which was pretty decent and my initial goal. I decided to make use of my 'cheat cards' that I mentioned before, the loan cards of TOTS Neymar and Prime Ronaldo. Since the opposition often had either one of those in their team, I didn't worry so much about using these god-tier cards. With these two alternating the attack, with Dembele being subbed off either for Prime Ronaldo or TOTS Neymar, I battled myself through the final 10 games, going from 17-3 to 19-5, 21-6 to 21-7, to finally 22-7. I had to win my final game to get Elite 3. I came up against a fellow Dutch player, which meant that the connection was quite smooth. I had 1 game left on both Ronaldo and Neymar, so I decided to sub on both for the final game. It was extremely tense, and I had to play with severe fatigue as I had played 59 games already this weekend. Eventually, Prime Ronaldo got the breakthrough in the 75th odd minute, scoring the 2-1. I kept possession and I won the game, finishing Elite 3 in my first Weekend, with a team that I created just 6 days before.

I hope you enjoyed the story, and if you have any questions I'll be around to answer them throughout the day! You can ask me anything :).

Tl;dr: I created a new fut team to challenge myself, qualified myself the same week and finished Elite 3 with a budget team.

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