I think EA are wasting a huge potential with Pro Clubs. Here’s my thoughts on how to improve it

FIFA19 8 - I think EA are wasting a huge potential with Pro Clubs. Here’s my thoughts on how to improve it

Hey guys, So, in every fifa since 2014, we play quite a lot of pro clubs with my friends and honestly i truly believe that it is one of the most fun modes in the game if not the most. However, also in every fifa, we find a LOT that EA can fix/add to the game mode. I can’t believe how blinded EA is towards improving pro clubs. Here are some of my thoughts on how to improve the game mode. This is going to be a long one.

Whenever i go to some forums to read about this, i see a lot of posts about how people want more celebrations or hair styles etc. And that gets me very frustrated because i think there is a lot to improve on the mode itself rather than stuff like hairstyles. So here’s a small list that i got, you guys can add your own opinions as well:

1- The bots are absolutely annoying: and im not even talking about their game play. Almost all of them, the goalkeepers included, are like 170cm. Honestly EA, it shouldn’t be too hard to make the automatically generated players taller than 170, especially the defenders and the goalkeepers.

2- I would LOVE to see a way to get actual players to our pro clubs teams. More we go up in the divisions, better players we can get. With a FUT-like system with coins for example: With every game, you make coins and using those coins, you can buy Sergio Ramos to your defence for example. Of course players like Ramos would only be unlocked/affordable when you’re around the 1st division.

3- Football/soccer being a mostly European sport, and English being an international language, i cant wrap my mind around the fact that the measures are in the imperial system and not in the metric system. You can’t change the measures on the settings either. (Or if you can, i couldn’t find how to do it) You must change the language of the whole game.


4- Why not add a way to go to drop-in with friends? Or some sort of another “quick-play” option you can go into with your friends.

5- You can’t get any more points to distribute after you play 100 matches. I can see the reason behind this, but i still don’t like the fact that you are more or less stuck with your overall at some point. At least could we get some extra traits we could add to our players with the games we play after 100 matches?

6- I wish there was more tactical options. We already have the custom tactics in FUT where you can chose how agressive or how wide/tight you want your team to be etc. Why not add these already existing mechanisms to pro clubs?

Now onto some bugs that were in the game since 2014: – Goalkeepers being stuck with the ball and not doing anything until the 6 seconds are passed and they randomly kick the ball (usually to the opponent) – Every once in a while, when you’ve got the ball, you can’t move. Your player just gets paralysed. You can only pass or shoot, but the analogs dont work to actually walk/run. – This one is new: even though you’re right footed, your player positions himself with a left-footed position as default on the free kicks (this one is honestly just funny)

Some words about the hairstyles: there used to be an option to get blue hair colour in fifa 16 if i’m mistaken. In fifa 17, they removed it. Why… would you… remove… an already existing hair colour? I really don’t see the point.

Whatever guys, sorry about the long post, i just hope that some people from EA start working seriously on this beautiful and super fun mode.


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