I went from getting 22-8 for the past 4 weeks to 28-2 this week (top 100). These are my tips and I am happy to answer qs.

FIFA19 6 - I went from getting 22-8 for the past 4 weeks to 28-2 this week (top 100). These are my tips and I am happy to answer qs.

To start with I don't know if anyone plays this game anymore and although my team is good it's average for top 100 level. I have spent i think £10 at the start on draft but I didn't make much and I spent £1.35 on Neymar loan and used him for around 10 games at the end. He probably won me 2/3 games so I probably should have got elite 2. I subbed him only when I was losing. Still I don't think team wins you everything and so here are some tips I did to make me go from gold 1 to top 100.

Also if you really want proof I can provide a pic to mods as long as they don't release it, because my Gamertag has my real life details on it.

My team:

I know its great but a lot of people I played had similar if not much better teams since they had better attackers. Regardless, I had toty mbappe last year and still couldn't get elite.

In game i played:


  1. Have more than one formation. I used to use 4231 only but i found out that gullet and vieira would get dominated against players who pressed hard. I felt suffocated which is why I invented the "Mane role". When i was finding games tough i learnt to play 41212 and mane plays RCM. This is a very important role as he is the link between defence and attack, carrying the ball, pressing and also scoring goals. It sounds silly but I played Kante toty and he just didn't have the ability to do it as well. Mane was quick and helped me control the midfield more. I also played press after possession loss and was on around 3 depth with possession tactic. This was SUPER helpful. I played an elite 1 player who was clearly better but because my team was compact I knew that I could just win the ball back and hold it. All I need was a few goals and he wouldn't be able to do anything.

As well as 41212 I used the 433(3), i.e. the attacking one with constant pressure when i was chasing games. I put everyone on get forward apart from the Cbs and full backs on mixed. I play very high depth.

2) Don't use drop back. Drop back is an instant loss, it invites pressure and EA nonsense. You need to get the ball back quickly. It makes the games tiring for you and your opponent and since i went from using drop back and press after heavy touch to press on possession loss I found games a lot easier as defensively I had a lot less work to do, since my midfield won the ball back quickly. Mane was super helpful in this regard.

3) Abuse 1st time shots. Prior to this week I heard of these but never really used them. This week a lot of my goals were first time from the edge of the area or in the box. I don't time them as I don't want to fluff them. Having 3 players with 5* wf helped especially when you have half a chance as Ben Yedder, Eusebio and R9 can shoot with every shot.

4) before each day I practiced low driven timed green shots. I noticed last week I was missing clutch chances and thus games. By focusing on this aspect i got way more goals. You need to learn how to time it green and also how to creat the angle using dragbacks. 5 star skills are very important as you can do a scoop turn and then low driven.

5) Have a good bench. I had 2 bronzes but 5 different ideas. By a good bench people typically stack attackers but this is wrong. Fifa is also a mental game imo. i won many games by outthinking my opponent. I beat an elite 1 guy because i had Dabbur tots and then Ribery EOEA to flick a cross. I know its bad, but you have to abuse crosses if the guy can't defend them. For me, I won 2 games off 3 Dabbur Headers and I won them with difficulty. My point is, you need a bench for different situations. Dabbur offers you crosses, Da costa helps you against crosses, best OP provides Pace at CAM, RIbery helps you get the crosses in and Marquinos helps you when Gullet or vieira are tired, or if you are facing corners and need your short LB to be replaced.


6) Close out games. I got 5 at the back and play possession with constant pressure. Never ever do drop back. I put stay wide on DPAD and hoof the ball from the full backs or i pass using triangles. This helped me close out games as this week I only had 1 game go to extra time.

7) Space out games. They are super intense so I took a long break when I got tired. Play max 12 a day and also if you wait till sunday to play 10 games, once the pros are finished you get easier games. I also played home only since i hadn't had elite since april and I wanted to end on a high.

8) Have defensive subs. I have Da costa and marquinios 95 tots to help me against cross spammers. If i see cr7 on the wing then da costa is subbed on for Trent and plays LB or RB. Marquinios came on as a CM when I was trailing and had vieira on 0 stamina.

9) Don't get intimidated by teams. I realise now that team means jack shit. It's important to stay competitive but you don't need cr7 and for my play style im sure i would have lost a lot of games with cr7 as he's too clunky. You don't need Mbappe either. You need composure.

10) That brings me to my last point…composure. EA screwed me many times. Dodgy deflections cost me a loss and the opponents goalie being insane cost me the 2nd loss of the week. It doesn't matter because if you play cool you will get some luck elsewhere in the weekend league. By staying composed when I was 1-0 and missed a penalty in my last game, as well as a tap in, I ended up winning by multiple goals and a rage quit.

I have more tips but Idk if i exceed the word count, any questions I'm happy to answer.

edit: I also kept saying I would bottle it and that it doesn't matter which probably helped.

edit2: I also used a dodgy corner technique which i'll share as I don't care about elite anymore since I got top 100 (hopefully!). I can never cross it in so what i do is I wait till the corner and then i bring the player forward. As they're approaching the edge of the box i press RB and driven pass it and then first time cross using LB. I goes into the box at the far post and u get a tap in header.

The other techanique is to bring them short before the corner (by pressing rb in the cutscene before the kick), passing it and then pressing r9 immediately to flick it up. You then cross first time and will get a goal or you can take a touch and scoop it up before crossing. these techqnieus helped me win my first 10 games against drop back.

edit 3: i go on skill games and shooting and then the first one. Practice near post timed green shots as they go in 100% and also low driven either post as they go in 90% of the time. You can also practice El tornado timed shots which go in 80% of the time

edit 4: learn keeper movements. If they're one on one, try to go inside the net and crab walk backwards. It should buy you time for your defender to nick it (e.g. Militia who's quick). I remember i won a game 2-0 because the guy bottled 2 very easy chances.

edit 5: for some reason near post timed finesse goes in too, i managed to nick a crucial goal using this and also conceded quite a few. maybe they're back?

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