ICON Roberto Carlos (86) First Impressions & Discussion

FIFA19 5 - ICON Roberto Carlos (86) First Impressions & Discussion

Finally got my 11 tokens and picked up Roberto Carlos today and thought I’d share my experiences with him as many people are thinking of getting him from Icon Swaps.

I was really pumped for that card, with RC being one of my favorite players when I was a kid, and he also creates 3 perfect links for my Felipe Anderson, Allan and Marquinhos.

After reading a lot of opinions, I had fairly high expectations of the RC icon card and played a total of 8 games with him. So far, he is being COMPLETELY INSANE for me, having scored 5 goals (2 pens and 1 beautiful free kick) and contributed 2 assists.

So, Tl;dr right here: He is amazing, 10/10, probably one of the best deals in this Icon Swaps for only 11 tokens. Go for him if you want a very offensive LB that has an incredible in-game presence also a beast in defense. DO NOT go for RC if you like your LB to stay back while attacking, because he WILL NOT DO THAT, lol.

I played him in a 4-3-3 (4) as a LB with Anchor Chemistry Style in my 1st team:

F. Anderson – Ben Yedder – Dembele Allan – IF Gomez – Sissoko Roberto Carlos – Marquinhos – Alderweireld – IF Aurier Alisson

———-DEFENSE-——— Roberto Carlos was absolutely fantastic defensively for me so far, to say the least. I would even go as far and say that this is currently the best obtainable LB in the game. He is very fast, his AI is excellent, he is everywhere and basically, the opponent’s RW is almost completely out of the game if you have Roberto Carlos. In one of the matches, the opponent eventually completely avoided his Saint-Maximin on the right wing, as RC stopped every single attack on his side.


I must say this is the part where I was totally surprised about HOW GOOD RC is on the attacking side. His offensive work rate should be rated „Very High“ honestly, as he is joining every single attack of yours, he will always try to create opportunities and you will find him everywhere on your left wing. I have not seen any LB in the game yet that would compare in terms of offensive presence. Having Roberto Carlos on LB, you basically get one more attacking player on the pitch, as RC will always join attacks and make offensive runs. Not to mention the free kicks, they are great and I scored a very beautiful goal from my second attempt with him.

———-OVERALL FEELING-——— I think Roberto Carlos is an incredible card and it is crazy that it is obtainable for free (or, at least, by completing some doable objectives). If you are thinking of picking him up, I assure you that you will absolutely not be disappointed.

Very quick player, very strong in defense, amazing in offense, great free kicks, I honestly don’t know what a FIFA player want more from a LB this year.

10/10, tokens well spent

Somebody else already got him? How is he working out for you? What Chemistry Style would be best on him?

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