If anyone is interested: a guide to Brazilian central midfield players!

FIFA19 4 - If anyone is interested: a guide to Brazilian central midfield players!

Every year it seems like some nations have better representation in Fifa and in FUT, and this year one of those nations in Brazil. One of the most talented areas for Brazil is the central midfield area, it is home to many excellent players that can fit into many teams. Brazil has talented players in all the major leagues and this allows for many of these players to fit into almost any team. For this I will be looking at all the players on 10 chem on a team with 100 chem, with basic chem styles from Futwiz. Chem styles are tricky with many of these players, and some become better based on how you use them with what chem, so I will be looking at the basic stats as a template to build of off.


I can already here some reactions to this part, "Doesn't matter who is listed, use Allan." It seems that in any discussion of best CDMs to use, Allan pops up. Should I pay for Kante? Use Allan. I have enough to buy an icon at the ridiculous price they are at! Use Allan. I guess I am here to say this: Allan is a great for his price, but if you are willing to spend a bit more you will see better results.

Here are the rankings based on their CDM rating with basic chem style:

1) Casemiro (89)

2) Fabinho (87)

3) IF Lucas Leiva (87)

4) Fernandinho (87)

5) Allan (86)

6) Paulinho (85)

So who should you use? Based on rating alone Casemiro seems to be the best option, he is a solid defender who can play both CDM and CB at a high level. Many seems to be in the middle of the pack, with three players all at 87. Then we get down to Allan at 86, and Paulinho at 85. So does this mean you should use Casemiro? Depends on your play style and formation. Casemiro is excellent at defending and being a threat in the middle of the field, but leaves a lot to be desired on the offensive end of things. He is also the player on this list with the lowest agility rating by far, and you can feel it when he has the ball. He is great at getting the ball from players, but is a liability from that point forward as he really does nothing with it without great risk.

The four players who are arguably the best as a CDM are IF Leiva, Fabinho, Allan, and Fernandinho. So who should you use? While this will depend heavily on your play style, I would recommend avoiding Fernandinho. He is not bad at all, but really does not excel in any area compared to the other three.

Of these three, it becomes far more difficult to pick out who is the best of the bunch. I would say Fabinho is the best pure defender, he has the best defending and physical stats of the three, and has a 94 stamina, which means you can set him in your lineup and let him do his thing. However, you may want to have him play less of a role in the attack as he struggles to shoot, yet his dribbling and passing skills all will allow him to serve as a facilitator from outside the box. Having used him, I think he is great at winning you the ball in the midfield and resupplying the attackers with it.

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But that is not to say Allan and IF Leiva are not great option also, they are far better for teams who may wish to use all members of their midfield in the attack. Both are solid players defensively, and both can be used to help the attack. However, on the offensive side of the ball Leiva is the better option, as well as in the middle of the field. Leiva has higher stats in heading, jumping, balance, vision, short pass, long pass, and curve. He also has better shooting and long shot ratings. The only things he lacks in are overall speed, positioning, and stamina. These are not minor things but they are avoidable if you have a sub you want to bring in for him in games going into extra time. While Allan may seem to be the better CDM on the offense, his weaknesses will be felt quite strongly, his inability to redistribute the ball or put away shots will leave you a bit disappointed.


So to sum up:

Best pure defender: Casemiro

Best defensive midfield player: Fabinho

Most well rounded CDM as a midfielder: IF Leiva

Maybe pair Fabinho with Leiva as they balance each other out, and keep Allan around as a sub for Leiva should the game head into extra time.


So I intentionally skipped CMs as I will explain later, and CAMs have a bit more straightforward of an approach.

1) Firmino (89)

2) IF Talisca (88)

3) Rafinha (85)

4) Paulinho (85)

Right off the bat I want to say that you should not use Rafinha unless you need him for chem or something as he is the only player with a La Liga link. He is kind of a watered down version of the others, and his price reflects this. So only get him if you can fit no one else in, he is not bad but really isn't a game changer in my mind.

As for the others, I would say Paulinho is the odd man out. He is the epitome of the 'box to box' midfielder, a player who can be felt in all aspects of play. He can defend, he can attack, he can win the ball back, he can mark, etc. I will get back to Paulinho in a second when I get to CMs.

As for Talisca and Firmino, they make me wish I could combine two players to use, they really would balance each other out. Firmino is a striker who realized he can also play as a mid. He can fight for the ball in the box with his high strength, jumping, volleying and shot power. He can hold up play to let things develop, he can push the line on a counter attack. Really, Firmino is a great blend of striker and mid, and maybe a bit more on the striker side of the equation. A solid option.

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So why use IF Talisca? Firmino is a CAM who can double as a ST, whats not to love? After using Talisca since his IF came out, I am beginning to think he was built in a lab designed to construct the very definition of a CAM. Talisca laughs at CAMs who need to make runs or even dribble the ball, he simply wills the ball to land at the feet of the player he decides it to go to. Anderson feels no remorse as he breaks the ankles of some poor defender, only to feel his version of joy as he fires a shot in from the next county over. Maybe you decide to cover him as you should, he simply out dribbles you then threads a needle with his pass that leads to a goal. Did I mention he is 6'3 with 4 star skills and a 4 star weak foot? And that he has the trait for finesse free kicks?


Most well rounded CAM(Blend of ST and CAM): Firmino


Honestly this is where it is less exciting, it depends entirely on how you play. Paulinho is my vote, but any of the listed players could be used if needed. Avoid Casemiro, he just isn't quick enough to be any help on the attack. IF Leiva, Fabinho, Allan, and IF Talisca are solid options as well; I personally use Leiva and Fabinho as my CMs.

Hopefully this helps someone out who is running a team that needs a central midfield player but cannot decide who. As for cost, I would be careful buying Fabinho as I can see his price falling as a Rare Gold, while I think IF Talisca and IF Leiva are a bit safer to spend more on. Fabinho is also the most expensive on the list, so perhaps from a cost perspective IF Leiva is a better option as he may retain his value longer. Same for CAM, Firmino is over priced now and may drop at some point, while I do not see IF Talisca dropping in price soon.


CDM-Fabinho or IF Leiva

CM-Fabinho, IF Leiva, IF Talisca, Paulinho

CAM-IF Talisca, Firmino.

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