IF Sigurdsson Appreciation Post

FIFA19 5 - IF Sigurdsson Appreciation Post

Being a Swansea fan, I have a VERY soft spot for Siggy in my heart. Granted, he didn't leave on good terms (He basically refused to play and wanted to be sold. Cheers fella!) but he gave me so many fond memories as a Jack and won us soooo many games! When he got into TOTW 3, I bought him straight away (Got him for 22k at the time. Now he's 35k) and guys, even though I bought him for sentimental value rather than the stats he was offering, I have to say…MAaaaaaaaan! This guy is so so good!

His standout stats are:

Long shots: 90!!!
Curve: 89
FK Accuracy: 89 (I score so many free kicks with him!)
Ball Control: 88
Stamina: 87


This guy scores EVERYTHING outside the box! Seriously! I've scored some incredible finesse shots. And not just the cheese 'just outside the box' finesse's. I'm talking quite a distance back. He's got fantastic ball control. He's not the most agile, but he definitely feels higher than the 70 stat on his card. Same for the balance too. Passing is great and you don't notice his weak foot at all. I normally use him in my 2nd team but man. Using him competitively has made me fall in love with him all over again. This card is 100% worth the coin.

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