If you’re a decent trader, there’s literally zero incentive to play the game if you want to earn money

FIFA19 7 - If you're a decent trader, there's literally zero incentive to play the game if you want to earn money

I'm not just referring to the low coins you receive from matches (which pretty much equals out with squad fitness cards anyway, and even with fitness squads those coins are almost negligble). I'm also talking about SB rewards, Rivals rewards and WL rewards.

The time it takes to complete 30 WL games is give or take 10 hours. Now let's say the average player finishes around S1-G2. That would land you perhaps 100k at most if you're lucky (20-45k from rewards and a couple of pack pulls).

Any good trader can make 2x-3x as much if they spent 10 hours non-stop trading (arguably even more since I'm sure there are plenty of traders better than me out there), and it wouldn't even require close to the same concentration/effort than a WL match does.

Rivals/SB rewards are even worse than WL rewards for the amount of time spent for the rewards, so I'm not even gonna bother to talk about those in more detail.


Basically, it's come to the point where I only play WL for the red cards (not because I can't afford the normal IFs, but because the reds are stylish). This weekend for instance, I just stopped at 14-3 because that landed me 2 player picks and I didn't feel it was worth the grind to MAYBE get 3 player picks at elite 3.

Now of course, that doesn't mean I can't enjoy a game of fifa during the week, after all, that's the whole reason we're building squads to begin with, but I still think there's something fundamentally flawed with the game when I can spend a whole afternoon playing and pretty much end up with the same coins that I started with before playing (and those rival points I get will be significantly less than the amount of coins I could've made during those hours which makes it even less enjoyable to actually just play a game of fifa).

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