It doesn’t matter how good you are at this game, your connection and gameplay responsiveness will ultimately be the deciding factor.

FIFA19 5 - It doesn't matter how good you are at this game, your connection and gameplay responsiveness will ultimately be the deciding factor.

I'm not a great player. I'm not a bad player. I'm just your typical above average player with a good team.

Do you ever find yourself watching other people play FIFA, be it via a Twitch stream or on YouTube videos and think…how are they in division 1/how are they hitting Gold 1/Elite 3?

They're not fantastic players and you know that because of the countless mistakes you see them making. Don't get me wrong, if you're hitting elite 3 with an expensive team (or any team for that matter) and your gameplay is utter crap, then I salute you. You're almost definitely a good player.

But if you're like me and you know you could consistently hit the 22-24 game win mark if your gameplay was smooth and not clunky, then you're suffering at the hands of the game. But you're not winning that amount of games. You're winning anywhere between 16 and 21 if you play all your FUT Champions games. Some may put it down to bad luck and yes, it does happen, people do get lucky from time to time. But not every time, something else comes into play – GAMEPLAY RESPONSIVENESS.

I've played 937 games of FUT this year and it's taken me this long to realise that it doesn't matter which players I go out and buy or which formations I play. The only thing that truly matters the most if I want to hit elite 3 and division 1 is my connection to the game and how smooth it is.

I'm a "Division 2" player with an 1880 skill rating. My skill rating has been as high as 2050 and as low as 1500. Why? Why would it be such a large range like that? I can't suddenly become a worse player overnight and still find myself consistently losing and dropping skill rating.

First and foremost, it's the connection and gameplay issues. Earlier in the day (early morning) I played a DR game and won 7-0. This wasn't a lucky 7-0 win that should have only been 2-0. No, this was utter domination from start to finish. My opponent didn't have a shot all game and didn't enter my half of the field until the 70th minute. I then went into another game and got a rage quit when 3-0 up inside 30 minutes.


I felt like I was playing well but most of all, I felt like the gameplay was smooth. Like silk. Or as smooth as when you oil up your girlfriend for a good old rub down.

I've decided to fit in some WL games in between work this weekend. I've played five. Lost five. Never have I had a start as bad as this. I didn't feel like a single loss was justified and ultimately, I blame the connection issues. I can't switch players correctly, tackles are mistimed, timed finishes are mistimed because the game is slow to respond. Quick dribbling, turning and misdirection is impossible because Messi and Neymar feel no different to Dzeko when they move around. Players even make less runs when the gameplay is terrible. Just watch the next time you have a smooth game, your players will be running all over the damn place looking for space even if you didn't trigger the run! Trigger that run in a slow, clunky game and your player will eventually decide to start moving but you've already lost the ball at this point because it took so long.

EA seriously need to do something with regards to their gameplay. It's an unacceptable shit show that one game to the next feels completely different. I don't know, get some more servers or better servers or both.

DO SOMETHING you money grabbing scum bags. Understand that your player base will stick around longer if you fix the damn gameplay issues first and foremost.

Anyway, rant over. I hope you all do well in the weekend league (except you drop back on 1 depth people – only kidding, don't be salty) and just don't let the game stress you out. And don't be a dick to your opponent. EA are the real enemy, not the guy at the other end of the pad.

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