It’s a football game. Remember why you started. Have fun.

FIFA19 2 - It’s a football game. Remember why you started. Have fun.

I feel like as someone who is probably a bit older than most of this community; I’m 24 and a maths teacher. It was only right for me to take a step back and put some things into perspective to help out those of you who have lost your way a bit over a stressful WL or simply aren’t finding FIFA fun anymore.

I’ve played FIFA every year since my dad bought me FIFA04 on PS2. I absolutely love football, whether that be watching football, playing sunday league, adapting my fantasy team for the upcoming gameweek or playing with players and teams that I watch week in week out on FIFA; all avenues are something I take huge enjoyment from.

Before FUT started, my passion was always Career mode, with FIFA07 being an all time favourite of mine. I started FUT in 2011 after I moved over from Call Of Duty 4, WaW and Mw2 and the game was so different back then. With trading methods such as the 59th minute etc.

Over time as content creators became more prevalent, the FUT game mode and community became more popular and essentially more competitive. The rewards system has changed significantly since then, with the only rewards being coin rewards for winning Divisions and a singular pack from playing in the Gold Cup.

As someone who is naturally overly competitive, these rewards fuelled my drive to play and play and play and play. Allowing my want for best players to outweigh the even basic level of respect for other people in the community. I would step on anyone in my way for an extra +1 rating on my players.

I would dwell on losses, I would become irritable, angry and sour. It would affect my relationships with people outside of the FIFA community, all because I wanted to excel on the virtual field. I wanted to be the best because I was so passionate about this hobby.


I started to buy packs, spending hundreds of real life £ to get the chance to pack the best players and sometimes I got lucky. I packed CR7 and TOTY Marcelo in 16. OTW Pogba in 17 and other notable pulls throughout. I could afford it, but only just. I was prioritising FIFA points over clothes, food, basic necessities. Once I had paid my bills, I would just want to pour the rest of my money into packs. All to be the best at FIFA, when after July/August would come, the want for this would reduce to an ember and the cycle would just start again come mid-late September when the new game came out.

Now, this year. I promised myself to put my friends, family, relationship and my bank account before FIFA. I still play, I complete SBC’s, I play Rivals/Champs. I’m grinding Icon Swaps and I am still a very active member of the FIFA community. I am doing a First Owner Road To Glory and I’m doing pretty well and my club is healthy. But so is my mental health, so are my relationships with all the aforementioned people. I enjoy FIFA more now I have taken a step back and realised that this game isn’t something that needs to consume me all the time.

If I miss a set of challenges for Scream Dzeko, so be it. If I don’t manage to grind as hard as someone like Nepenthez and get to Level 30 before the end of the season m, that’s okay too. If my dad calls me downstairs to watch something funny on his iPad during a WL game, I’ll go and spend time with him. It’s just a WL game. You can’t replay that moment with your dad again. You can just join another WL match. If I miss out on Elite by a game, does it really matter? It doesn’t in the grand scheme of things.

Remember why you bought FIFA in the first place, just to have fun. Enjoy your life, don’t let the addiction of packs, or the competitive side of you get the better of you so it consumes your life. Take a step back, realise what you’ve got in life and enjoy your hobby. Don’t let it take over your personality.

I’m sure someone out there needed to hear this. And if you didn’t, thanks for taking the time to read it anyway. Enjoy your day.

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