It’s all magnetic…

FIFA19 5 - It's all magnetic...

I've come to the conclusion that I can tell how a game is going, or going to go, based on one simple thing. How my player reacts, and which team the game favours, when it comes to locking onto a loose ball. In short, how magnetic my players feel. Hear me out, because it makes sense I promise.

Imagine the ball is magnetic, and so are your players. Depending on which pole you are, the ball will either be attracted to your players or the opponents.

If you're the same pole as the ball, you'll repel it. Ever tried to put two magnets together and feel them pushing back on each other, the harder you push the harder they push back. That's your players and the ball. How your player locks onto (Or ignores) the ball is the vital detail.

All those "nearly" interceptions, the passes that were not quite where they should have gone, the rebounds rather than a simple trap. When you're stuck in the mud and second best to every bouncing and loose ball. Countless interceptions in midfield. Block after block after block, like every time the ball leaves your foot, it's somehow drawn to the defender's outstretched leg.


In the same way as you can feel it the other way. Every crap no look pass is reaching its target, and quickly. Your opponents players lunging about, as you play one two passes around a despairing midfield, inches from each quick pass. Ping, pong, ping, pong, goal. The ball stuck with you like it was glued to your foot, every turn was on a knife edge, every pass flawless. You get co*ky and play a wayward pass, but no matter, it's bounced off a shin straight back to you, and you control it effortlessly.

This all might sound a bit elaborate, but what I'm getting at is the simple way the games can be manipulated. Everyone says "momentum" or sliders, or whatever you want to call it, but I think it just boils down to one thing. Who locks onto the ball when it isn't at the feet of a player.

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I'm not a programmer, so I'm not qualified to make to give any technical knowledge, (any input from someone in the field would be great) but how simple would it be to have the loose ball just favour red or blue?

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