Its me again, back at it with a formation review, and guide. This time with 442Flat.

FIFA19 4 - Its me again, back at it with a formation review, and guide. This time with 442Flat.

Firstly I would like to say I am still getting messages and questions especially from my 4231 guide from way back this FIFA. Its nice to see so many people appriciated the post, and If you want to Know, I still use it as my secondary formation. With almost ideal tactics.

Okay, so I took a few months break from fut since I felt bored with the game. Especially since finishing Elite did not offer anything with player picks and totw packs for me. And I could not hit my elite 1 goal. I was close few Times with 26 wins but always choked it at the end. However came back when Prem Tots was announced. I still managed to hit e3 with 4231 was overall felt like people got very good playing against it and was struggling. But for now I found my preferred formation with 442 flat

Last year I managed to hit top100 once with 442 so overall I knew the formation from before. However tried using it many times during this fifa and just could not get it right. Now that tots is here I finally can find players who are good enough to fit 442. So firstly I would say 442 overall demands way more from your team than 4231. But If they players are good enough it can work amazing. And I was able to dominate some top tier opponents with top100 tags with it.

Lets go more in-depth as how to use 442. Its best suited for players who like to control the game (not counter attack) in my personal opinion. It can also be used as a attacking option late Ingame when for example 4231 does not do it for you in a particular game. I still use 4231 in some games for example. It offers amazing width to keep the ball and a shitton of attacking variations and options compared to 4231. Defensively its more challenging but you can pressure your opponents better than with 4231. Use the width in keeping the balls. Use opposite footed wingers to get those first timed Power shots. Use a lot of cutbacks from the sides for your strikers. Otherwise I would suggest being carefull when your cms have the ball. Because If you lose it you are often vulnerable. Managing the ball is more important with 442 than for example 4231. So use your widemids to break up pressure. And when you get to the attacking third you have so much variations to do. If you go down late try activating team press from dpad. Its very effective with 442.


Defensive style: Balanced, Width 5, Depth 4-5 (I change this a lot but normally I keep it at 4)

Attacking style: Balanced, Width 6, Players in box 5, Corners and freekicks on default.

Overall very balanced tactics for this since I felt like pressure on heavy touch, or press after posession loss was hurting me in defense. Opening too much space in midfield.

Player instructions:

Fullbacks: Stay back, I sometimes activate "attacking fullbacks" from dpad quick tactics If I feel the need and I am down in a game. But I feel like stay back is preferred overall.

Cms: Stay back while attacking, cover Center, stay on edge of the box for crosses. Even though I put these defensive instructions Centermids still work very attacking because of the formation and are definetly the key part of my team.


Widemids: Come back on defence, I also put cut inside for my RM, as I use my red tots Eriksen there, I like that he cuts inside More. And My left side is otherwise balanced in instructions. So I would suggest putting cut inside for one of your widemids with better shooting. Come back on defence is important to help out defensively since this formation is so attacking.

Strikers: I prefer having one striker as Stay Central, Stay forward, and get in behind and another one as Come Back on defence, Stay Central and either False Nine or balanced in attacking runs. Key part here is the come back on defence on one of your strikers and using either Balanced or false nine for him as well. Since you dont want both of your strikers get in behind in this formation. Also come Back on defence helps a lot defensively. I would suggest using a Cam type of player as your secondary striker.

My team : (It changes a lot so I will just give my team from my last wknd league, had a lot of players on 7-8 chem though and planning on improving on that department for next wl.)

Gk: Allison Tots RB: Doherty Tots Rcb: Moments Blanc Lcb: FB D.Luiz LB: Alex Telles Tots Rm: Tots Eriksen Rcm: Gullit prime Lcm: Tots Allan Lm: Onyekuru Tots LS: Tots Mane RS: Tots Brandt (I Know he gets no chem basically here but I subbed him on, My team was quite a mess and I am looking to get it right chemistry wise for next wknd)

Personnel wise I am looking to replace David Luiz. And propably my Brandt. And using him as a sub. Same goes for Onyekuru.

Sadio Mane Tots is the best player I have used this year. He is absolutely insane. If you have the coins for him. Get him. He is perfect. Tots Doherty is Amazing and so underrated. Tots Allan is amazing and I prefer him over Vieira. Tots Onyekuru is amazing, maybe the best fast dribbler I have used. Those were my best players. If nothing else at least get Onyekuru as a sub. He has a goal a game for me after 2 wls as a winger. With 442 main Focus should be on your cms. You need top tier cms. Otherwise widemids can be cheaper for example. I was able to finally complete gullit during tots with those elite packs offering so many coins this year. And I have to say he is so good. And so important. But I was able to do the job with Allan and Wijnaldum before getting him. Wijnaldum is like Gullit without the size and presence.

This review was a bit rushed writing Wise and I propably forgot some stuff to talk about. However If you have questions I will try and answer then when I can! Thats it for now. And propably my last formation review this FIFA! Lets all hope Fifa20 is better as a game. I am a bit bored playing against scoop volley crossing every other game. Lets hope someone finds this one helpfull!

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