January Mod Team Update: ‘It’s A New Decade, Yes It Is’ Edition

FIFA19 10 - January Mod Team Update: 'It's A New Decade, Yes It Is' Edition

Good evening/morning/whatever greeting is appropriate for your current timezone, it's your third favourite mod's third favourite mod back with another Mod Team Update.

Back in December, we put a post out which included a number of polls asking your thoughts on certain types of posts we frequently see when clearing the queue which either aren't always upvoted by the community, or have been previously removed and are still being posted and upvoted anyway.

Your results are as follows:

Post type Description Result
Selling Oopsies Oh no, I accidentally listed Pele for minimum BIN!! CsDBSDz - January Mod Team Update: 'It's A New Decade, Yes It Is' Edition56% remove
X vs Y NIF vs IF Van Dijk? Ben Yedder CAM or ST? 65% approve
Snipes I just bought Eusebio for 200k!
58% approve
Concept Cards Here's what Player X's Icon cards could look like… LUBSumk - January Mod Team Update: 'It's A New Decade, Yes It Is' Edition60% approve
Investment Tips Here's which teams might get into Marquee Matchups this week 86% approve
Investment Brags Here's how I made 1 million coins buying players in anticipation of 61% approve
Multiple SBC results I did 5 icon packs, here are the results 91% approve
Weekend League Analysis This is my team, stats and/or story of getting Silver 1 75% approve
Post Game Messages Oh no, I got a mean message after the game
55% approve
Card Predictions My RTTF Juan Jesus could look like this if Roma qualify! 62% approve

What that means is we will now be approving a lot more content, particularly in relation to X vs Y posts. All we ask is that you guys use that upvote button to upvote posts that genuinely contribute to the sub.


With respect to the above results, we will still remove posts that fall under our 'low effort' category – for example, poorly made or frequently posted concept cards. Card predictions posted outside active megathreads will also be removed, such as IF predictions posted on Saturdays and Sundays when IF Watch Threads are pinned.

X vs Y posts will be strictly limited to discussions about the advantages/disadvantages of using the players/formations in question in the post's title. If the post or comments includes squad links or discussions on how to fit the player into a team, it will be removed and asked to be reposted in the DST. Posts like Should I take coins or packs? or Should I sell my Player X now or wait? will continue to be removed.

Posts will be removed which do not mention player names in titles, as they will not be visible in the searchbar for future reference (examples include posts like 'This will be a great card if Spurs win both legs','Could we see this card in Future FUT Stars?' or ‘Which one would you choose?’). Let’s leave rubbish clickbait titles in 2019.

The FIFA wiki has now been updated and can be found here.

As always, thank you for your participation, thoughts and comments and a very belated Happy New Year to you all.

BEST OF 2019 coming next week!


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