Just got my first 30-0 this weekend! Before January I couldn’t even get Elite, so here’s my journey

FIFA19 1 - Just got my first 30-0 this weekend! Before January I couldn't even get Elite, so here's my journey

Yeah, it's me again 😀

This week I've achieved what probably is one of the toughest things on FIFA, which is a
EUYuNbYXgAIVcd3?format=jpg - Just got my first 30-0 this weekend! Before January I couldn't even get Elite, so here's my journey

perfect Weekend League

If you remember me for some reason, it is probably because of this post, in which I outlined how I got 25 wins with a 850k team. Tactics and general advice on how to improve. I 100% stand behind every line on the latter, the tactics however have changed. But more on that later.

After getting that E2 I eventually sold my Oblak pile – 2 weeks too early pretty much, still made ok profit on them but if I waited for the mid icon sbc I'd be filthy rich, oh well – and bought my team back plus a new marquee player. But my results didn't really improve that much initially. I'd usually lose my first game due to some stupidity (on my end or the game), lose some focus and then would end up getting E2 as I got with the 850k guys. Obviously my level was higher with the good team, at least I felt that, but there was always something missing.

The Team

But this week it clicked. I built what was probably the most balanced and reliable team I've ever had, after some tests that went incredibly wrong (Opara, I'm looking at you…), and they delivered big time. The 11 heros you can see
EUYuRI5WkAELpZN?format=jpg - Just got my first 30-0 this weekend! Before January I couldn't even get Elite, so here's my journey

here have earned my eternal admiration, every single one of them truly played very well.

Cruyff is obviously the star, mindlblowing card, but I actually had to put him as a CAM and leave Neymar on his eternal place on my teams, at striker. The original plan was to go the other way around but I found it works much better this way. Neymar's laser shot (when you blast it near post and the ball just fizzles in) is, strangely or not, even better than Cruyffs and there is something special about his movement up top. On the other hand, Cruyff as a CAM is a little bit more involved in the buildup and he is very clinical in more complex finishing situations – his finesse shot is very good for instance. And of course, they both have double 5* and move like Gods on that pitch. The rest of the team might not have the flashiness but they have the quality, Mahrez for people on a budget is honestly a very good option, extremely smooth dribbler, his pace was good enough and he was a goalscoring threat from the wing. And Renato, the unsung hero. There are those cards that you just "click" with, even though they might have a lower rating… and he's that one for me. The only midfielder I had I can say that played better than him for me was TOTY De Jong. I'm praying for him to have a TOTS, and regardless of cost he'll be in my endgame team.

Tactics and Gameplay

The main tactic I used was, actually, the exact same I used on my best WL (28 wins). I was tweaking things a lot, but now that opponents are much less prone to just turn on overload I found that my original 4231 worked very well again. I've also dabbled with a 4231(2) that I created, used it on the first games and in some periods of the remaining ones, and I liked it very much as well. It was a slightly more offensive version of the original 4231, and the spacing worked very well for me.

4231: Balanced 5-4 Balanced 5-3; 4 up top coming back on defense, both CDMS Cover Center and Cut Passing Lanes, one of them (this time Renato, but depending on the pairing he can play both roles) on Stay Back, and RB/LB Stay Back.

4231(2): Balanced 5-4 Long Ball 5-3; ST and CAM Come Back on Defense, both CDMS on Cover Center and Cut Passing Lanes (none on stay back), and RB/LB Stay Back.

Very simple stuff, but it worked for me. And tactics aren't that much of a gamechanger in this game, you'll find the best players often keep things very balanced on them, what creates the dynamics is what they actually do IG.

And what is that? Well, using my example, my tactics are a bit defensive oriented, especially the original 4231. But does that mean I play passive? Not at all. The defensive base gives stability, but then my player switching and constant harassing mean I'm actually keeping people on their toes, be it from a lower block or when the team is higher. Pressing tactics are OP in a way, but they're not the way high ranked players use to press. Although it is very hard to do it on this game, and more on that later, the optimal way to press is to do it manually, by player switching like crazy and finding the right balance between cutting passing lanes and pressing the ball until you trick your opponent into a mistake.

I got two of my games here on video, for people who want to have a bigger insight into how I play…

><noscript><img src= - Just got my first 30-0 this weekend! Before January I couldn't even get Elite, so here's my journey

one I took from Fut Champions Channel. The guy had an even better team than mine (that Gullit is the 90, yes) and was a very good player, it's a decent example of a game on a high ELO. Pretty tight affair, he was on the lead of almost all of the first half, but I managed to turn it around with a very good goal to tie it 2-2 and a lucky one (not sure how Neymar held his own there) to make it 3-2. There you also have the control imputs both me and my opponent use, so I really think, for people interested in gameplay, it's a very good example of what I do to press/player switch and create.


game, however, is an example of how hard it is to manually press someone when they just want to keep the ball all game. My biggest regret here is that I didn't defend the kickoff for him to equalize quite well enough (and he was playing semi-normal before that tbh). After that, it was one of the most draining experiences I've had. Many times he showed little interest in going forward – when he did he'd invariably lose the ball – and it was extremely frustrating throughout. I probably should have increased the depth or even turn team press on that game, but as you could tell he was also quite decent at launching L1-Triangles to the wingers when he found me to overcommit on the wing, so that had its dangers too. He actually had his only chance of the game other than the goals to score right before I finally went into the lead again, on a play that watching back happened clearly because of my frustration, I drew players out like an idiot on a counter of his.

That's another thing, those full games show that despite getting 30-0 I'm very far from being perfect 😀 I'm way too forceful with the ball sometimes, I have a very good eye for through balls but the AI is, unfortunately, insane at covering them but I still go for them much more than I should. Need to be a bit less chaotic on the defense too, but that works for me more often than not, the opponents many times think they have a good opening or space to attack, play the ball there but then I rabidly switch and press that.


However, it would be a bit mischievous not to mention this. After being either very unlucky or facing what matchmaking should be every week – I go for the second, but it would have to be the same for everyone – I finally got blessed by the EA Gods. I had some tough games but I've played very few people on records comparable to mine and that definitely helped. What I always say is that if you are a regular E3 player you can get 27+ wins on any week things go well for you and matchmaking is nice; and if you are a regular E2/near E1 player the same goes for getting 30-0. I don't agree that it is like this, although it benefitted me in this scenario, it should depend much less on randomness and matchmaking should be much more demanding. Especially on EU PS4, which is where I'm situated, as the player base is enormous.

Final Notes and a bit on my journey

On general advice, I once again recommend you to read my last pointers on the 850k team post I linked at the start. They're all very current and will definitely help you. I also recommend watching some of the older tutorials on
this youtube channel. The videos are from much earlier FIFAs, and Soetie is pretty much retired from the scene, but the knowledge translates to pretty much any FIFA and they are by far the best videos I've seen on youtube at teaching key, complex concepts in an easy way to understand. For more current things you can't really miss with BorasLegend, a popular in here and rightfully so.

But the message I want to convey with all this is that sometimes things that look unreachable really aren't. As someone who had never gotten even Elite before January on this FIFA, and only one on 19 (didn't play UT before that), to suddenly becoming a consistent Elite player and then getting to the holy grail of WLs, regardless of circumstances, seemed like something you'd only think of before waking up. But if you do the necessary changes (main one is getting a monitor) and practice with a purpose every single one of you who gets Silver 2 on WL can get to Gold ranks, or every one of you Gold Warriors can get to Elite. You're not "tied down" to a rank, it's just up to you to reflect and improve, and be aware it is not a short term thing (even if my progress may make it seem as such). And "with a purpose" is bolded because it's not about just bashing games. Trust me, I used to do that. And was stuck on D4/D3 for ever. Only when I got the monitor and actually started trying to actively change things on my game I started to go up. I'm also not telling you, like some do, to not blame the game or to always keeping your cool. That would be preaching something I don't practice, and the game very often deserves to be blamed. But while doing it, try to also keep in mind what you could have done better. Great players can survive bullshit being thrown their way and still come out with the win, and they do that because they perfected their gameplay in a way that allows them to overcome even the worse of circumstances. Well, sometimes, at least. But to do it more times than not is the key.

PS: And yes, despite going 30-0 I didn't get T100, not even in Europe. Was 92nd when I finished my games. This is a whole other thing that should be discussed, but this isn't really the post for it. However, it makes no sense that a 27 and a 30 get the same rewards, and that just because I couldn't play Friday and WL was extended I'm pretty much out of the running.

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