La Liga Tiki Taka Squad – Gold 1 (An Honest Review)

FIFA19 4 - La Liga Tiki Taka Squad - Gold 1 (An Honest Review)

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WARNING: Very lengthy review

I've always enjoyed reading reviews about players and teams, so I thought I'd share my thoughts on the team I've constructed for this weekend league.

Before I begin, I originally had a "meta squad" that consisted of Mbappe, Pogba, Kante, Lala etc. However, I wasn't enjoying the game and whilst I was winning here and there, I decided to create a squad that utilised players that weren't used as much/ players I just enjoyed in general. I would like to preface this by saying I'm not the best player in FIFA (I have yet to hit Elite), but I'm consistently Gold 1 so take that how you will! Also, I've used almost every player that isn't an icon/CR7 as I use different squads every weekend, so all the ratings will be based on comparisons against players in their position as well as their performance during my weekend run.


4-1-2-1-2 (2)

Tiki Taka in this formation is fun, and I was able to chain passes together between the centre mids and the forwards. I rarely used through passes from the mid to forwards, unless it was a desperate pass. I played possession, moving the ball up slowly, using Suarez as the target forward and playing 1-2's off him to Santi and Messi. The key is to be patient!

If you like to play that long ball or sprint heaps, then this team won't work as well. With players like Santi and Messi, I utilised their dribbling/technical ability rather than pure athleticism. With Messi being the quickest attacker, it's important to be patient and build the attack up through 1-2 passes and once I was at the edge of the box, sometimes I would recycle the ball back and just maintain possession.

The wings were a bit vulnerable but I countered this by forcing everything to the side, preventing that middle pass and making them cross it in.

To be honest, I struggled against fast teams, specifically teams that played 4231 or 433 with wingers that just blasted it down the line. I can definitely be better at defending, so if you're a good defender and know how to manually defend then you shouldn't have a problem. If you're like me and you're average at defending, just trying to contain as much as possible and don't panic once you retrieve the ball.

Teams that I played well against were 41212(2) and teams that would press hard, as I could just play the ball around them with quick 1-2's.

Player Ratings

Goalkeeper- Courtois, Rating – 9/10

I find it hard to give any keeper 10/10, but Courtois comes pretty close. He's saved my butt numerous times this weekend, he catches most shots that come directly at him and he's good against long direct power shots. Two things I realised why using Courtois – one is that he doesn't deal with corners well unless you ask him to come out, and occasionally his positioning would be wack even though I didn't move him. Overall, I was pleased with his performance and I would say he's the best goalkeeper I've used, followed up Neuer (I can't stress this enough, goalkeeper experience is mostly subjective as keepers tend to play well for some people and be derp for others).

RB- Carvajal, Rating- 8/10

I didn't opt for the inform as it was extinct at the time, however this NIF has been fairly decent for me. I've asked him to "Stay back while attacking" and he does his job well. Tackles hard, is able to beat attackers that are pressing him, has good positioning and doesn't seem to push up too much. The one con that I found was pace. He's not the slowest or the fastest so it makes sense, but this is something you'll have to deal with if you decide to use this card.

CB – Sergio Ramos, Rating – 9.5/10

Man this guy is good. Strong aerially, blocks shots, goal line clearances, tackles like a bull, and recovers on defence rapidly even when hes out of position. He did concede a few penalties, and I'm not sure if this is due to his aggression or just me being a derp (probs the latter). But sometimes he would shove the attacker in the back when I wasn't controlling him, which was a bit annoying. For me, Ramos and Van Dijk are the two centrebacks that feel like they just command their area the best.

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CB- Umtiti, Rating – 8.5/10

I brought in Umtiti halfway through my run as I wanted to try something different from my untradable CL Paulista. He was solid and make some crucial interceptions for me. He seemed to intercept the ball harder than Ramos even with default instructions, but it really is a risk/reward scenario -maybe I just got lucky that he managed to do it successfully. I enjoyed Umtiti and I want to give him another run next weekend.

LB- Jordi Alba, Rating – 9.5/10

This guy saved my ass way too many times to count. For whatever reason, he would tackle everyone and stop counter attacks by himself. He would drift inside to cover the hole left by Umtiti if Umtiti decided to aggressively intercept the ball, and he has the pace to cycle between attackers and keep them in front of him. His pace down the line when attacking is useful, especially if the opponent is pressing hard and you want to play that quick 1-2 with Umtiti and Lo Celso. I had him "staying back while attacking" however sometimes I would need him down that wing so I would use L1/LB to get him moving. I didn't notice his strength to be a problem but his height did mean that I wasn't winning any headers against their RW/ST. He's fun to use, and his dribbling is very crisp. I used the Anchor chemstyle as his pace is already high and the boost in defence and physical helps him win 50/50's more. Would highly recommend.


CDM- Busquets, Rating – 8.5/10

"You watch the game, you don't see Busquets. You watch Busquets, you see the whole game."

Cliche, but sorry I'm not even going to lie – this couldn't be closer to the truth. I honestly didn't notice Busquets half the time, but he was that deep lying playmaker for me that could also tackle and intercept the ball. He sat right above Umtiti and Ramos, and rarely pushed up. I did put "stay back while attacking" for him, while smacking an Artist chem style on him. He was able to play that long ball to the forwards, maintain possession in our half, and recycling the ball between the other CM's. He hasn't scored for me, but that's not his role. I enjoyed playing him like Busquets would IRL, meaning I would do cheeky ball rolls, sharp turns or turning the opposing player in front of him, and then releasing the ball to either Modric or Lo Celso. He's definitely not for everyone, but if you're thinking of playing the Tiki Taka playstyle or if you enjoy Busquets like I do IRL, he's definitely a gem.

CM – Modric, Rating – 7.5/10

Honestly, I don't know what happened here, Obviously I wanted to play that tiki taka style that I love, and I thought Modric would be the perfect fit with his superb passing and quick feet. However, he just didn't work for me which really sucks. He defended alright, and his passing was great. But he was outclassed by Lo Celso (who is 8 ratings lower), and he would disappear from the game more often than not. His shot isn't great when he was outside the box, and his size meant he would get destroyed by the likes of Pogba or any strong striker. Maybe he'll work better in another formation or used by another person, but he didn't work for me.

CM – Lo Celso, Rating 8/10

This card is solid, and an all round midfielder that does his job well but doesn't stand out. His left foot would occasionally bang one in from distance, and his passing was solid. His workrates are perfect as I like for him to push up sometimes to play that final ball to the forwards for the shot, and drop back on defence to stop counters. His dribbling is suprisingly good due to his height/agility, and his 70 strength helps him occassionally shove off weak wingers. He's pretty cheap as well. One of my favourite players in this team, give him a shot!

CAM – Santi, Rating 9.5/10

MY FAVOURITE PLAYER on this team. So much fun. Firstly, 5*5* is incredible. Secondly, his passing is world class. He's able to thread that final ball to Suarez or Messi with ease, and little dinks pass his defender always seem to work. His dribbling is god like for me, despite the low agility. I would occasionally go on a skill run with Santi and jeez, his dribbling resembles his IRL form a few years back. It's breathtaking. the La Croqueta skill move is his bread and butter, and he slides past the other team with it. I used the Sniper Chemstyle for him, and he ended up scoring 9 goals and getting 11 assists in 21 games. In terms of his shooting, his finesse shot is awesome with that 88 curve and if you use the El Tornado into the volley with him, it's quite decent.

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Obviously, the main con with him is the stamina at 54. There were some games where I didn't even need to sub him off unless I was going into extra time. Don't sprint with him too much, otherwise he'll burn out. The way I played him didn't require too much running, as he was primarily functioning as a playmaker and delivering that final pass.

ST – Messi, Rating 9/10

I mean, it's Messi. His shot is deadly, his passing is probably one of the best, and his dribbling is insane. Using the left stick to just skip past defenders is incredible. He doesn't do it all the time, but sometimes he has this animation where he will dink it just past an opponents outreached leg, just like IRL. I use him more like a CF to Suarez, as I didn't set any instructions on him so he usually comes back to the collect the ball anyway. I guess cons would again be stamina and strength, with the former being not that impactful and the latter not killing the card as his balance is so good he usually keeps the ball anyway. Scored many clutch goals for me and is super fun to use.

ST – Suarez, Rating 9.5/10

I'd like to start off with a con, as the rest of this reflection will be kissing his ass. His pace isn't electric so sometimes that quick 1-2 doesn't work as well between him and Messi like IRL. The lack of 4* skills this year is a bit annoying as well, His jumping is meh.

Alright, pros time.

Dude's just a beast. His finishing is incredible, both inside and outside the box. His passing with his back to the goal is good, and he's able to play that through ball to Messi without much trouble. His dribbling is good, however when it's lagging he does turn slower. His strength and aggression allows him to intercept the ball near their box and hunt down loose balls. In 28 games for me, he scored 34 and assisted 17. He's by far, the best pure striker I've used this year.


I would sub Santi out for my SBC Piatti/Untradeable Dybala, Modric for my SBC Salvio, and Lo Celso for my Untradeable Kante/ Special Milinkovic Savic.

Hopefully this review helps someone out there that wants to play the Tiki Taka playstyle. It's incredibly fun and rewarding when you chain those passes together, and utilising every player on the team.

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