League SBC = Free Packs

FIFA19 7 - League SBC = Free Packs

Let me tell you a story…

…When one of my colleague saw me on the companion app and told me "oh I know this game, all my nephews wanted for Christmas was Fifa points", I really felt sad.

Not sad that I am an old dude playing a kiddies game, I am cool with that. Just sad that there is a a generation of gamers being taught that you need to pay to win.

I wrote a post last week about how to achieve top rated team (worth over +10M) without spending any real money, and I was surprised by the reaction, as the majority thought I would have been better of keeping it for myself. Between those that thought I was giving away their trade secret and those that totally dismissed it as being just pure fantasy, I decided to delete the post.

I carried on applying it myself. and in over a week I managed to gather remaining coins I needed to afford otw cr7 and the cards to complete Desailly.

Now I won't give you the full methodology again but there are enough resources out there to figure it out. It is not that complicated and in a nutshell requires you to complete as many league sbc as possible for as cheap as possible while specializing in one specific league.

Is it a grind? yes it is. but it is well worth it if you don't want to spend your hard earn cash on virtual cards which will be worthless in 6 months.


So bottom line, if you want free packs and don't mind the grind, do your league SBC over and over again. It works!

Edit: I am getting lots of message asking me to expand. My intention was really not to hide anything. There is nothing to hide and the method is not that complicated or new. But honestly it is not hard to figure it out either


The only thing to keep in mind is to pick one league and to not over spend to complete any team within that league. Open the pack rewards you get. Only sell duplicates, don't be greedy when listing them. You need turnover to fund your runs at the chosen league. From time to time, check other leagues to see how close you are to complete any given team. If only a handful players left, buy them on bid or BIN , complete, get packs, and go back focusing on your chosen league. When you get league reward, use it in any of the big SBC that EA drops. rinse repeat.

Within a short amount of time your club will be stacked.

Remember not to over spend and there are times within the day when it gets easier (less competition on cards) especially during Marquee Matchup that give silver packs…

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