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FIFA19 5 - League SBC Tips

League SBC are finally in the spotlight. I thought the community could use some tips. Current state of the market tells me that many people out there not doing it right and over paying for cards. I have shared this tips here many time in comments, threads and a lot via PM.

So hope you will find it useful.

What is it? League SBC are a method used to generate coins that involves completing them over and over again in order to get the pack rewards and the player pick which can then be used in other SBC. Because they are repeatable, if they are done at a cost efficient price they are much more profitable than what is being advertise on Futbin or other sites.

So here are some tips:

# Be patient

this is not a a get rich quick scheme. It is a grind and requires time more than anything else. It is highly rewarding and well worth it though. It will generate a steady flow of coins, and is fun as you open lots of packs all the time

# Build your inventory first

By inventory, I mean players in your club

-do the BPM. lots of it to start with. This will give you cards to complete leagues such as CSL, Saudi, Australian league

– any non league, non rare bronze, use the bronze upgrade sbc.

– any non league rare bronze, put it back in ICON humble beginnings SBC. you will get more silver to be added to your club

– any non league rare silver, put it in "rising Talent" to get a Gold player pack

– Before you know it you will start to build enough inventory to be able to start completing league SBC and get pack reward

# Keep your inventory high

As a rule of thumb, I always keep my inventory above 4,000 players and I know that when it reaches 4100 I have a few SBC's that are ripe to complete

# Complete teams within league SBC when you miss 2 to 4 players

Your aim is to get the pack, so don't wait to have all the players, go and buy the missing players in the market

# Keep Cost low

keep the total cost to complete the league low, if you over pay for cards by lazy buying, you are eating your profit…

So try to get cards on open market or sniping. If cards are too expensive right now, just pass. go do BPM, upgrades etc… try to buy cards at times when demand is low, or supply is high. During marquee match up that has silver cards as pack rewards, the prices drop a lot as people undercut each other. Stack your club then

# Open your packs

It is tempting to keep packs with TOTS around the corner, but remember that you can still do this method during TOTS. It will be easier as prices would have come down anyway.


More importantly though, if you don't open packs, you are not renewing your inventory. So open your packs, it's fun as well.

# Sell only duplicates, premium cards and high demand cards

You need a healthy inventory to churn through the leagues over and over again, and it is more efficient to use cards packed. So keep everything and only sell when you get a duplicate or you get a card that has a premium attached to it. ie: Alex Sandro cost far more than the cheapest 86 rated player. Sell him if he is not making your team. You can buy back an 86 player for an SBC in the market at a cheaper price if needed.

High demand cards are those that are currently popular because there is an SBC out there. ie: russian league cards would have made you a fortunate last week in the markee match up

# Shift your mentality from "Dead or Trash pack" to "All packs are good"

when you open your packs, don't be disappointed if you don't pack a walkout as you are just adding cards back to your inventory that will help you open more packs. Eventually you will hit walkouts, icons, special card etc…

# Specialize in one given league

This is the variant I have been advocating for a while here.

By specializing in one league you learn details within that league that makes the whole process much easier. We all know that Cardiff SBC is expensive, but how about other leagues?

For instance if you are a specialist of Turkish League you will know that Bursaspor is much harder to complete than Konyaspor or Caykur Rizespor, because the supply of cards and the requirements make it harder and more expensive. So when you see a specific card listed cheap which you know has low supply and you manage to snap it, you know you had a good deal. And that knowledge will help you complete that league at a cost efficient price.

That knowledge will also help you start trading that league.

When you are comfortable with that league, add another one

# Value Silver> Gold> Bronze

Because the way FUT economy is set, silver cards are more valuable because they are not packed enough. We get a steady stream of Gold cards as DR, WL, SB rewards as well as promos. Bronzes are plenty as well as there are lots of people out there doing BPM thankfully and it is keeping prices low. We are left with silvers, which are often lacking in supply, yet are required in every league SBC.

# Use the companion app

Much easier to complete any given team via build squad feature.

Can also do the BPM there mindlessly while watching movie etc…

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