List of little known FIFA Tips

FIFA19 3 - List of little known FIFA Tips

Seeing how this sub is full of complaints, I just wanted to throw back to the good old days before FUT Champs where gameplay tips were shared and you'd come on here to find those little known tips that weren't so obvious. So feel free to add any little known tip or trick and i will edit it into the main post 🙂

  1. If you press L1 + R1 + X(pass button) the game will allow you to do a manual pass. This is especially effective as a square pass inside the box as the defenders cannot auto intercept a manual pass.
  2. Holding L2 + R1 whilst shooting makes your player take a finesse shot with the inside of their foot (similar to the glitch we had at the start of the game that we all complained about) but if you add a timed shot to this combo you can still score those finesse from outside the box.
  3. (Unpopular) If you are losing and you want to quit the game but you don't want your dnf modifier to increase just score 3 own goals. The game does not count it as quitting but as forfeiting (weird I know) and you get to keep your coin modifier.

Feel free to add yours here.


  1. Holding L1 +L2 whilst dribbling is a broken mechanic that shields the ball whilst doing skill moves. Here is user u/foofy_toofy giving examples on how it works to enhance dribbling.
  2. L2 + triangle does a fake shot – > through ball. Basically, he pulls the ball back for a second, then makes the through ball pass. Good for when your opponent is trying to anticipate the pass. u/Him_Jarbaugh
  3. double tapping slide tackle will make your player slide and then jump back to his feet instead of taking longer to stand up. u/minichocolatedonuts
  4. If you want a finesse low driven timed shot, you power up the shot button whilst holding down R1. In the same instance as you will hit the shot button again to manage a timed shot, you also hold down L1. If you time this shot well it will go singing into the bottom corner in a typical finessed Van Persie-strike. u/ayebee7
  5. when you're at the kick off after conceding and hold L1+D Pad your player will applaud. They can also do a little angry animation too. For me L1+Up on the D pad was applaud and L1 in any other direction caused my player to throw his arms in the air or shake his head." u/riggztradamous

Edit 2 : The reaction to this post has been nothing but amazing it has shown me that although our community is regarded as one of the most toxic ones in gaming we still have a heart and members ready to help.. The fact that this thread is full of people helping each other out shows that we are able to come together as a community and hopefully one day we can do so to improve on the aspects that we hate about this game ala battlefront 2. One day.

P.S hey Mom I’m on the front page, your son has made it 🙂 ​

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