Little comparison & review of TOTS Allan and TOTS Fernandinho

FIFA19 9 - Little comparison & review of TOTS Allan and TOTS Fernandinho

Maybe this post gives some more clarity about who you should go for or if they're worth it for your team or not.

I used League SBC Allan for about 50 games and replaced him with TOTS Allan. Both are playing as CM/BoxToBox midfielders next to De Rossi (CDM) and TOTY Kante (other CM/CAM-esque) To be honest, the Allan SBC->TOTS upgrade didn't feel huge. Of course he is faster and overall he improved. But he just didn't have more impact on the game. His impact and even assist/goal amount stayed about the same.

I recently packed TOTS Heung Min Son untradeable, that's why I needed a brazil CM from the premiere league. I bought TOTS Fernandinho who now replaced TOTS Allan.

Comparing these two, I gotta say that Fernandinho made a much much bigger impact on the game. I think that's down to a few stats that I'll point out in a minute. They're also about the same price (on PC) and I'm sure Allan will drop once Serie A TOTS will be released because much more usable Serie A midfielders will be available. Right now he's the best choice and that's why his price is so inflated.

So now about the reasons why Fernandinho works much better for me:

  • TOTS Allan didn't seem like a reliable defensive player. Again compared to his SBC card he didn't feel much better. Fernandinho on the other hand is incredibly solid. The difference lies in these stats: (Allan first/Fernandinho second)
    • Strength (80 vs 87) – this one is so so noticeable. I didn't expect that.
    • Jumping (76 vs 87) – wins way more headers
    • Height (175cm 5,9 vs 179 cm 5,10) – usually I wouldn't care about that but his whole body type with the added strength feels much more solid
    • Overall defensive stats: Fernandinho has like +1 or +2 in every stat
  • Attacking wise:
    • While Allan has way better positioning (95! vs. 78) and slightly better finishing, his overall shooting seemed worse. Because he is a CM for me he didn't really get in those positions where these stats would've mattered. On the other hand Allan's long shots are far worse than those of Fernandinho (75 vs 87) and also the shot power (84 vs 93).
    • Allan's passing is great but Fernandinho is way better. Here're some stats again: Short passing (93 vs 99), Long passing 87 vs 96)
    • Allan is faster. Definitely. And he also has some better dribbling with a much better agility and balance (91 & 88 vs 79 & 85) – he's more then Kante-esque midfielder.
    • The 4 Star WF of Fernandinho is also much better
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I'd take Fernandinho again in a heartbeat. Allan is great but didn't have a bigger impact on the game than his SBC card.

I hope that helps one or two people out there. Cheers!

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