Luis Figo 88 – A WL Review.

FIFA19 3 - Luis Figo 88 - A WL Review.

Hi everyone,

This is my first time writing a review, which says a lot about Figo in and of itself.

Here’s the background:

MY SKILL LEVEL: Silver 1, Div 5. I only started playing FIFA in april this year. In WL I generally manage 10-11 wins, with an outlier of 14 wins once.

I tend to lose two games, win one, and then repeat that pattern. Most weekends I start off 3-10 or 4-11 or something like that, and salvage it on Sunday night. I play 10 games per day during the weekend.

Longest win streak? 2 games.


Position: CF in a 4-3-3(5) and CAM in a 4-1-2-1-2(2).

Chem style: Hunter.

Instructions: Basic in 4-3-3, stay forward and free roam for the other.

Number of games: 35. 30 in WL, 5 in SB (legendary).

PACE (9.5/10)

Figo has a good natural pace that is more than enough if being used in a pure CAM-role. Since I start out in a 4-3-3(5) I use him as a distributor. He starts the plays and sends the balls out wide. However, I also need him to be able to beat his man in the box since I tend to send a low cross into the box if I can get on a break with my winger. With Hunter on him, Figo is a punishing presence for any CB he’s up against.

PASSING (10/10)

I had been looking for a good fit at CF for the last three weeks. My wings are set with POTM Hazard and SIF Mahrez. But do you have ANY Idea how hard it is to meet the requirements necessary for a good CF? You need decent pace, good passing (both long and short), good workrates, decent stamina, and preferrably 4/4.

Figo is perfect in this position. In 30 games, he would hover around 30 correct passes out of 35 attempts. He’d send Mahrez and Hazard on several breaks with pin-point precision.

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M/L workrates. He’s not doing much here, but that’s not his job either.

SHOOTING (10/10)


First, let’s talk about positioning. I was afraid his workrates would prevent him from getting in behind. And as a CAM, it does to an extent. But that’s a blessing in disguise. He was always perfectly located between my midfield and attack, always in a good spot to receive the pass and send it forward to my attackers, and then make a dash for it himself.

As a CF, he makes perfect runs into the box, and he’s so easy to find in the box! Always well placed.

His shooting is fricking insane. 35 games, 29 goals. And that’s not boosted by the 5 squad battle games, which were tight affairs.

In my 5th match of the weekend he scored 3 and assisted 3. In my 30th game, I needed a win, and he put on a show — a natural hattrick. 13 shot attempts, 9 on goal. I won 4-1.


He just doesn’t lose the ball. With other players I’ve noticed they’ll take a bad touch here and there, pushing it forward just a tad too far in front of them. Not so with Figo. He has the agility and skills to completely control a game.


80 stamina, but with his M/L workrates he never runs out of steam. I’d use a squad fitness every 2 games, but if the 2nd game went to 120 minutes, I didn’t have to sub him off. He scored to tie a game in the 120th minute and then assisted on the game winner in the 121st minute in my tightest game of the weekend.

So, what were the results after this Weekend League?

FIGO: 35 games, 29 goals, 24 assists. Had a point in 24/30 games.

WL Result: 17-13 for my first ever Gold 2 finish!

Went 12-8 in my first 20 games and played 5-5 on sunday. Longest win streak? 5 games.

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I can safely say that I wouldn’t have come close to that without Figo.


GK: Handanovic D: NIF Robertson – Skriniar – Miranda – Walker M: Firmino – Fabinho – De Bruyne F: Hazard – FIGO – Mahrez

Thanks for the read!

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