Making FIFA a legitimate competition – but keeping EA happy with $

FIFA19 3 - Making FIFA a legitimate competition - but keeping EA happy with $

I find FUT champions to be so boring these days and a big part of that were the changes that meant the stadium is always the same (an average looking mid-table Premier League structure) and unless you can be bothered to change them continuously, the same strips.

I understand the reason for this was to make the game more competitive and to stop players backing out of games when they could identify other good players.

However, it makes me laugh (but in no way surprised) that EA do nothing about the P2W model still in place for qualification. This (alongside connections issues) are some of the biggest factors that have an impact on a player's ability to qualify. I have an easy solution:

  • Run a similar WL format (say once a fortnight) where players can select a squad using any available player in the current database. They must stick with that team for the 30 games. How you place in this determines if you become verified and may qualify for events. However, you receive no pack or player pick rewards for playing this hence you make the decision if you wish to compete for the opportunity to play high-level competitive FIFA.

  • To ensure EA don't lose out on a precious dime, continue with the WL as normal alongside the qualification WL. This is the competition where people can build their own squads and compete for prizes (packs, coins and player picks). People would continue to play this game mode and EA would continue to have millions of dollars of packs opened.

The qualification tournament can adopt a different structure from the WL if it works better. It may also need some form of reward due to the time commitment but that is up for debate. Every player has the opportunity to use a god squad if they wish but couldn't play every week and wouldn't gain prizes therefore would be likely to play WL as normal alongside. There would be no argument over the P2W model as everyone had access to every player for qualification.

I may have missed some points or not clarified things as much as I would like to so I look forward to people's suggestions or criticisms!

Cheers 🙂

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