Mass Account Banning!

FIFA19 2 - Mass Account Banning!

SERIOUSLY! WTF is up with EA banning the amount of accounts they have for trading? Makes me wonder how safe people like RunTheFUTMarket, FUT Economist and Goldenbear are. Is trading REALLY such a dangerous thing to do? People getting their accounts wiped for investing in Silver and bronze players. One dude I read about recently bought an extinct silver for a league SBC and got banned for coin distribution. Is EA's end goal to alienate their entire player base?
This stuff makes me super nervous, as I literally have like 50 discard IFs ready to sell during FUTmas. Make we wonder if I'll have a ban incoming too.

EA need to take a serious look at themselves though. It's as if they're subtly saying the only 'right' way to earn coins is through the use of FIFA points. And even then, if you pack yourself a good player and sell him, you'll probably get a ban for coin distribution. Do they not see where this kind of behaviour will get them?


If they're listening to the community, they should SERIOUSLY take a look at the algorithms their bots use when banning accounts. People are spending hard earned money on this game and they're getting shafted for it.
I'd also like them to come out and let us know their exact thoughts on trading. Is it a bannable offence to them?

I don't know. I'm kind of ranting now, but it makes me so angry seeing people spend hours and hours on this game, only to get nothing but contempt from EA in return.

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